3 Best Drum Heads for Rock


It is very interesting how every single component of a drum kit has a powerful impact on the overall sound. Whether it’s the pricey stuff like bass drums and cymbals, or basic stuff like drum sticks, it all matters and each of the factors plays an important role in the output.

Right now we’ll focus on the drum heads within the rock genere. Depending on the genre of your choice, this component plays an important role in how your kit will resonate. So apart from inquiring which brand or wood type to focus on, pay attention to drum heads as well.

Introducing the Best Drum Heads for Rock

Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Head

We’ll kick things off with what is widely considered to be a standard among drum head – the coated Remo Ambassador. Featuring a 14 inch rim diameter, this medium weight head utilizes a coated single ply 10-mil Mylar film that delivers a very open, warm, resonant and bright attack. They are suited for a vast array of genres, and rock music is definitely among them.

Therefore, if you are a rock musicians who appreciates versatility and who might even switch to another genre, or is already juggling a few styles right now, these drum heads a very fine choice. They deliver equal quality on all fronts and provide sound quality that will please the pros.

The Remo Ambassador is a great tool both for live performance and studio recordings. As its crucial feature, we’d like to point out how much we like that snapping punch it provides your drums with.

Evans G Plus Coated White Drum Head

Up next is a real beauty, an incredible product known as Evans G Plus coated drum head. Apart from being one of the best looking drum heads on the market, this product packs a heck of a sound ideal for various rock and metal subgenres. It’s warm, very open, punchy and bright.

When you hit this head, the sound remains tightly packed in a single point, resulting in minimal waste of sound and maximum use of the given sonic space. Although they might seem like classic 14 inch drum heads with a single ply of 12-mil film, these heads are in fact 20 percent thicker than standard single-ply drum heads, ensuring extra durability, as well as increased depth, projection and attack strength when compared to a classic model.

Additionally, these drum heads have a big name behind them, as Evans ranks up among the finest manufacturers of their niche. Each of the company’s certificates and quality standards is very well implemented here, hence all we can say is thumbs up for the G Plus.

Aquarian Drumheads VEL14 Hi-Velocity Snare Drum Head

Finally, a little something for all the heavy hitters. We all know that rock drummers tend to hit their drums quite hard, and Aquarian drumheads were pretty much made for it. They rank among the thickest heads on the market today and were designed and crafted specifically with skin bashers in mind.

We are talking about  a coated double play product with a set of  two 7-mil plies and a large power dot beneath the surface to ensure extra strength. If you are wondering what is the best drum head for hard hitting drummers, the Aquarium is definitely the answer.

Considering the product’s overall construction, these heads are most definitely best suited for rock musicians. Due to the mentioned thickness, the sound packs an extra punch and volume. Apart from that, it still carries a decent amount of warmth and brightness.


If you are a rock drummer in need of a sturdy, strong and reliable drum head, but you aren’t sure which choice to make, we are glad to say that each of these three picks is an option you cannot regret. Each of the heads displayed here is among the best on the market, they all pack a heck of a punch and they all come with a fair price tag. We hope that our brief guide has been of use, now it’s just up to you to make the final decision.