3 Tips You Have To Know If You Want To Play Electronic Drums In Your Apartment


Want to play the drums in your apartment? You might fancy yourself as the next Keith Moon or Ringo Starr but once they become superstars, they didn’t have to worry the neighbors complaining about the noise.

Electric drums can loud – really loud – and if you don’t want to upset everyone on the street, you’re going to have to take some precautions. Yes, you can turn the volume down on most electronic drum kits, but if you still want to certain melodies, this might not always be an option. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a useful list of tips!

Playing electronic drums in a flat/apartment?

Playing electronic drums in a flat apartmentIf you’re going to be playing the drums at home, invest in a practice pad – which can instantly limit the noise. You’ll still be able to practice stick control techniques and learn various new skills – you just won’t be giving your neighbors a headache in the process.

Practice pads and practice pad kits (these are made from wooden blocks and are quiet enough for you to practice the drums at home) come with different features, so shop around for the best products. When it comes to the electric drums specifically, lighter brushes are probably the best way to do. These allow you to play the drums like you normally would (with the same passion and force) but without creating a racket.

Smaller drum sticks

Smaller drum sticksWe’ve talked about lighter brushes, but what about lighter sticks? Investing in thinner, small drum sticks will limit noise to a certain degree (though your neighbors will probably still hear you playing depending on how close they are) but like with sticks, you can still play the drums with the same ferocity as ever.

Something to consider: It might be worth talking to your neighbors and seeing if you can come up with an arrangement where they’ll let you play the drums loudly once or twice a week at a time that suits everyone. The rest of the time, you’ll need to keep it quiet!

Apartment Play/How to Avoid Noise Complaints?

The easiest way to limit the noise coming from your electronic drum kit is to learn how to play the drums at a lower volume – perfect if you don’t have the money to spend on expensive noise-reducing equipment.

You can work with a drum tutor to focus on new skills and techniques so you aren’t thrashing the drums all the time but rather performing smoother, lighter rhythms that won’t annoy the neighbors.