4 Different Types of Bass Guitar That You Need To Know


You’ve likely heard the term “bass guitar” before but it might surprise you to learn just how many different types there are.From electric bass guitars to acoustic bass guitars, knowing the differences will help you choose the perfect instrument for the style and sound you are trying to achieve.

By the end of this page, you’re going to find out about the different types of bass guitar and which one is best for you. Let’s start!

How many different types of bass guitars?

Essentially there are four main types of bass guitar and we’ll explain each one in further detail right here. The most common bass guitar is the electric bass guitar, and this is probably the instrument that most people are familiar with.

There are loads of famous guitarists who play the electric bass – too many to list here – and it’s one of the most prevalent sounds in modern rock music. Pick an album from your favorite rock band and there’s likely to be an electric bass guitar in their somewhere.

Why are electric bass guitars different?

Electric Bass GuitarElectric bass guitars differ from other types because they have what’s known as a “solid body” and will need to be plugged into a bass amplifier in order for them to heard. This essentially powers the sound that is generated from the electric guitar and is something you need if you plan on playing this musical instrument.

Learning the electric bass is no harder than other types of bass guitar but you’ll need a good tutor to help you along the way.

Other types of popular bass guitar

acoustic bass guitarThe second most popular type of bass guitar is probably the acoustic bass guitar. Everyone pretty much knows what one of these looks like – even though they come in various colors and styles. Sounds are generated from the middle of the instrument; these come from the “sound hole”.

These acoustic instruments produce an identifiable sound and are often used in popular music today. Aside from the acoustic bass guitar, the semi-acoustic bass, and acoustic-electric guitar also belong in this category. The former is similar to the acoustic bass but has a number of important differences; the latter is like a cross between the electric bass and acoustic bass but still needs to be plugged into an amp in order for it to be heard.

Which one is best for you?

The electric bass guitar is often the most popular choice for beginners – especially as it has a certain allure, no doubt because of the iconic rock stars who have played this instrument. However, if you are looking for a different sound, the semi-acoustic bass or acoustic-electric guitar might be right for you. Both will enable you to learn the basics of music theory, chord progressions and much more.

Finally, if you are looking for a more authentic sound, the acoustic bass is a great choice for creating melodies and learning chord progressions.