7 Types Of Guitars Every Guitar Lover Should Know About


Guitars are one of the most versatile musical instruments. They are used in the majority of the music genres. That is why, many people have a desire to play them, even just as a hobby.

However, not all guitars are same. They may look similar, but actually, they are of different types that vary in structure and characteristics. If you are planning to buy one, here are seven types you should know about before you go to the store.

1. Electric Guitar

Electric Bass GuitarElectric guitars are famous for being used in pop, rock and jazz music. They are connected to the amplifier, which amplifies the sound and produces a metallic and lengthy decay. They don’t need any particular shape and size for the body for resonating effects. That is why, you see electric guitars in all types of shapes, including the trendy thin ones.

2. Acoustic (Folk) Guitar

Acoustic-Electric Folk GuitarAcoustic guitars are usually used in your favorite folk music. They produce a deepening sound and have a hollow body. They come in two types, the steel string and the classical.

The steel string is also known as the flat top and is mostly used in the modern folk music. It creates a metallic sound that makes it suitable for other music genres other than folk.

3. Classical (Spanish) Guitar

Classical Spanish GuitarThe Classical or Spanish guitar is also a type of acoustic guitar that was originated in Spain. It consists of nylon strings which produce a soft, calm and soothing sound that is ideal for classical music.
Its body is hollow shaped to give resonance effects. To amplify the sound, you need to place a microphone in front of it.

4. Archtop Guitar

Archtop GuitarThe archtop is a semi-hollow guitar having steel strings. It comes in two types as acoustic and electric. Electric archtop is same as acoustic one but also has electromagnetic pickups and pots.

It demands high standards of manufacturing and construction. Also, it requires a similar level of expertise to play it.

5. Twelve String Guitar

12 String guitarTwelve string guitar has a regular set of six strings along with another secondary set of thin strings. Each thin string is placed near the corresponding main string to match its note. It demands an extra effort to play and produces a lovely jangly sound.

6. Resonator Guitar

resonator_guitarResonator guitars don’t have the normal sound hole like others. Instead, they have a perforated plate covering an aluminum resonator cone. The whole assembly looks like a loudspeaker and its effect is also loud. That is why, you can play it in a large room without needing a microphone.

7. Double Neck Guitar

DoubleNeck GuitarDouble neck guitar has two necks attached to a single body. One neck has a standard six strings configuration while the other has the twelve strings (just like the twelve string guitar).

The twin necks fulfill the purpose of the solo break as well as rhythm. It is mainly used where the guitarist needs to constantly switch between the both types of sound, especially during the live rock performances.

Having the knowledge about various types of guitars is the first step for determining the type you are going to choose. However, reading about them is not sufficient. You have to try playing the different types and see which one fits you the best.