AKG C214 Review

AKG C214 Review

If you are looking for a high-end microphone for studio use, and you want nothing but the best, but would still like to avoid spending thousands of dollars, we have just the thing!

This beauty goes by the name of AKG C214, it is a stellar product and something every pro will appreciate. In our humble opinion, this is one of the best microphones under $1000.

The mixture the manufacturer has managed to capture here is more than worthy of your attention. We are talking about immaculate precision here, but more on that in the section below. Let’s get on with the AKG C214 review!

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Apart from those gorgeous vintage looks, a mere glance at this product makes it obvious that we are dealing with a studio mic. Everything about it is focused on getting the finest audio recordings in studio environment, thanks to such notable features as a top-of-the-line dynamic range and an ultra-low noise level. This allows close-up recordings or high-output sources up to 156 dB.

Therefore, this microphone can be used both for vocals and instruments. Additional notable features include a switchable 20dB attenuator a bass-cut filter option, once again particularly useful for close-up recordings and the reduction of the so-called proximity effect.

On the outside, the product features a generally roadworthy design with a fully metal die-cast body, with shock-absorbents and a scratch-resistant finish. The mic is strong, sturdy, durable and reliable; treat it right and it will serve you very well in many years to come.

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If you have a home studio, and you could never quite get close to those pro recordings, this mic is undoubtedly one of the factors that could finally take you to the next level. It’s not only impeccably clear, but outstanding in sonic terms, providing an accentuated groove rather than a plain neutral vibe, something that is bound to be appreciated by studio engineers with a bit more of a restrained budget.

We’d also like to point out that the item’s integrated suspension feature does a great job in reducing mechanical noise and vibration from the stage or any place you’re performing on. So if you place it properly and set up a good audio surrounding, there is nothing stopping you to reach the sound mix of your dreams with this guy.


What We Like

We like a lot of things; seriously, we do. The value for money is perhaps the most outstanding feature, primarily due to the sonic quality you’ll receive with this product. Amazing clarity, great power, and outstanding performance in a variety of sonic surroundings.

We love how the mic operates flawlessly in home studio environment, too. The music is moving towards direction in which everyone will be able to create and produce music at home, and this AKG is in a way spearheading the trend, much like any top-quality item should. Overall, we very much like at least 95% of things related to this item.


What We Don’t Like

If you have an exceptionally wide sonic range in your music, that is the point where the price of this mic will become apparent to products with prices going from $2,000 and higher. The recordings will just not be as powerful if you go to tonal extremes with your performance.

You could argue that this is not a significant point at all, and to an extent we agree. If you stick to very reasonable sound range boundaries, this item will offer a stellar performance. But if you don’t, just don’t come afterwards saying we lied to you. A small minus, but it still needed to be mentioned.

AKG C214 Review – Conclusion

Overall, this is the best microphone under $1000 – we said that already, and now we are saying it again. There is nothing not to like with this guy, as we are looking at an amazing mixture of high quality sound, great durability and reliability, all wrapped up in an affordable and budget friendly price package.

A gem is a rather fitting description here, as we are looking at one of the few items that will take you close to production values of mics costing at least three times more. Not every microphone can brag with that, so all we can further say is – highly recommended, a major thumbs up from here!