AKG K701 Review


If you happen to be in pursuit for an outstanding set of headphones for a variety of uses, but you aren’t too keen on spending a truckload of money, allow us to kindly draw your attention to AKG K701.

This stellar set of headphones is capable of producing a top-notch sonic mixture while retaining an affordable price tag. The company managed to score a unique product here through some very hard work and research, and pack a top level of sonic quality, something that was pretty much unheard of until recent times.

They are durable, sleek-looking and a worthy investment overall. If you are intrigued, and you very much ought to be, feel free to proceed to the AKG K701 review below for more info.

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What makes this product instantly stand out is the use of the revolutionary flat wire voice coil technology. It utilizes a patented AKG varimotion technology with a super-precise double layer diaphragm.

Also included in the mix is a bi-wiring high-performance cable with a 1/4 inch jack. The product is comfortable and uses a self-adjusting cushioned leather headband and a set of “3D-Form” ear pads to match that stylish storage cradle.

The item was crafted with the highest standards in mind, but the modern times have allowed the company to accomplish their goals with much less costs, albeit the cool price tag. The manufacturer is proud to point out that these headphones are all individually tested and numbered.

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In the sonic department, we are looking at a product that hits the sonic sweet spot by all means. It’s an audiophile paradise type of approach the manufacturer opted for, and we can only praise that line of attack.

So, the headphones present the listener with strong, well-shaped and striking sounds across every frequency range, resulting in deep and warm basses, a punchy middle section, and bright treble sounds all at once.

This product is capable of tackling any musical genre from classical music to punk rock to hip-hop to EDM to dubstep. Each of the styles requires a significantly different sonic approach, yet the AKG will come out triumphantly each and every time.


What We Like

First and foremost, we like the sound quality. For the listed price tag, it is very hard to obtain a sonic delivery of this quality, and there might be only a handful of models capable of matching it. However, what we also like very much is the overall listening experience provided by these pups.

After all, it is not just about the immaculate sound, but the feel of the whole thing. So while listening to spotless audio streams, you will also solid great comfort with this item, thanks to the mentioned list of packing features. True audiophiles know that marathon listening session can take a bit of a physical toll on the listener, and wearing uncomfortable headphones can extremely reduce the quality of the whole experience, regardless of the sound quality.

Additionally, we like how reliable these are – the level of durability is high and user stats show that repairs and malfunction reports of this model are significantly lower than with a variety of competitive products. You can crop them a few times and they will remain intact, but as always – take care of your audio tools, they deserve it.


What We Don’t Like

Bits of memory foam and more work in the pressure distribution department wouldn’t hurt, really. While the leather looks great, the comfort of these headphones could have been increased.

The way they are, we are still looking at the best headphones for the listed price, but we advise taking a listening break every few hours to relieve the pressure.

AKG K701 review – conclusion

Overall, this is an outstanding item. Despite a few complaints here and there, which are primarily concerning the field of ergonomics, we can’t do anything except give the K701 a major thumbs up.

We said it before and we’ll say it again – for the listed price, you’ll hardly find a better deal. So we might as well say it – if you are looking for the best headphones under $300, this is your winning ticket. Highly recommended, a major thumbs up from here!