Alesis Performance Pad Pro Review


Alesis Performance Pad Pro - MusicFutures

The Alesis Performance Pad Pro is a clever multi-pad that offers great versatility and a good bang for the buck. It comes straight from the workshops of one of the most renowned names of the percussion pad niche and hardly disappoints in many aspects.

It is also an item that takes a bit of time to get used to, but generally offers a great value for the money and is a must-have product for any percussion aficionado, especially those who are into electronic drums and the vibe they offer.

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Alesis Performance Pad Pro Features

The item features a total of eight natural feeling and velocity-sensitive drum pads that utilize the Dynamic Articulation feature to offer an extra dose of realistic percussion feel and vibe. Also included in the mix is a built-in professional drumming machine that allows the user to record and then play back his or her own beats.

Additionally, the product boasts an impressive total of over 500 different sounds ranging from instruments of all sorts and styles that can easily be assigned to any of the given pads.

The durability of this product is fairly high and the item is generally not prone to breaking from physical damage. Just don’t drop it from too big heights and you ought to be just fine and dandy. As noted, the price tag is quite affordable and worth of a few words of praises. For the given budget, this is quite a solid choice.

Additionally, it is worth noting that satisfied customers have pointed out that this pad comes as a great addition to any electronic drum kit, making it a killer percussive tool. If you happen to be one, pay extra attention here.

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The percussive sounds of this device are very strong, high quality and authentic. The cymbals are crispy, the kick snare is punchy, the bass drum and floor toms are rich with the low end and groove, and the remaining sounds aren’t too shabby either.

The item offers a truly great versatility, so it should not be a problem for any adept musician to adapt this machine to any desired style and genre. And not only is the number of offered sounds impressive, but so is their quality, as this things really excels and goes above and beyond to bring you an authentic vibe and keep the level of synthetic sounds as low as possible. If synthetic sounds are what you need, though, the Performance Pad Pro is more than capable of delivering.

Pros-reviewWhat we like

We like the versatility and we like the sound quality. This item is a great addition to any electronic drum kit and will truly make your drum set excel and stand out above the crowd. Not only is this a fine percussive tool, but it is also great machine to deliver a lead beat. He price is affordable and overall durability is quite high, earning the Alesis Performance Pad Pro many kudos and high remarks from customers and reviews around the internet, us included.

Cons-ReviewWhat we don’t like

As much as the item has its good sides, it has a few bad sides as well. The arrangement of pads can be troublesome and occasionally the device will not allow you to place the sounds on the desired pads the way you’ve envisioned it. It’s a minor faulty point, but it can be a tad annoying to some users. Additionally, the product does not offer a MIDI input, meaning that the player cannot use the pad as a MIDI sound source.

Alesis Performance Pad Pro Review – Conclusion

In a nutshell, this is a neat pick and a device we recommend for percussion aficionados. It is a truly great addition to any electronic drum kit as a great source of percussive sounds and a heck of a way to spice up your playing. On its own the pad also passed the test, despite the few minor flaws. This is not a perfect product, but when we consider the affordable price, it just might be. If you’re having second thoughts about buying the Alesis Performance Pad Pro, we say go for it, it’s a mean groovin’ machine.

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