Avantone CV12 Review


Avantone Audio CV-12 Review 2016If you own a recording studio and you’re looking to improve your mixes with a top quality recording microphone at an affordable quality, we have just the thing – it’s called the Avantone Audio CV-12 and it’s a sleek looking product offering a killer bang for the buck.

This mic is particularly recommended for owners of smaller studios of house studios that have a bit more of a strict budget, and we can say that you can hardly find a better sound quality at this price.

There are plenty of details to dive into here, hence we are kindly asking you to proceed to our full Avantone CV12 review below.

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The product utilizes a very sleek design with a distinctive red casing, offering a wide audio frequency response between 20 Hz and 20 kHz with a Max SPL of 136 dB. In the connectivity department, the device features an XLR pattern. We’re looking at a mounted mic that can be primarily utilized in the studio, although stage use is also applicable. Included accessories are a wooden box Clip and a shock-mount power supply.

The mic operates as a large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone, coming as a part of the company’s C series, or the Cabernet Series. And indeed, this wine-red striker really offers the sonic equivalent of your favorite bottle of Cabernet. The device comes with a light weight of 2.7 lbs (shipping weight 13.6 lbs) and a total size of 17 x 13 x 6 inches.

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People say that this mic sounds like a $2000 product, and that says a lot. While we aren’t so sure about $2000, this is a sound worthy of $1000 at least.

It delivers zero crackle or distortion of any kind, while maintaining a strong punch in all directions and leaving you with enough room to make adjustments for a variety of sonic environments you might be recording in.

The sound recorded with this fella is always warm and powerful, although you can tweak it to turn the output to anything from driest of the dry to fat and chunky.


What We Like

While we are tempted to praise that sexy red color first, the thing we’d like to single out as the factor we like the most about this mic is the value for money. Yes, the sound is amazing, but there is not other mic that offers this same quality at this price tag.

We also simply love how there are companies out there that aren’t Shure or Neumanm (not that we hate those guys, we love ’em in fact, but that’s beside the point) that can deliver amazing goods and compete with some of the all-time titans.

This brings excitement to the market, forces everyone to be more creative and engaged, ultimately resulting with the big thing – new amazing music for all of us to listen to and enjoy.

We like the build quality as well, since this fella is strong and sturdy. So as long as you treat it right, it will serve you very well in many years to come.


What We Don’t Like

The thing we hear complaints about from time to time isn’t actually related to the product itself, at least not in the very direct sense. It’s customer support.

Being a tad smaller company, Avantone seems to lack resources to organize a killer support team, meaning that if you have something to ask or complain about, you better do it in the store or when you have access to someone who can deal with the issue right there and then.

Otherwise, you’ll need to get accustomed to longer reply times from the manufacturer’s support team. This factor has still NOT affected our decision to give this item a glowing 5-star review.

Avantone CV12 Review – Conclusion

Overall, this product is our top choice for the flattering title of the best recording mic under $500 and even one of the top contestants for the best mic under $1000 award.

It has everything you need as a mid-level and even pro producer to an extent, and there is no reason why you should not treat yourself with one of these bad boys as early as today.

You will hardly get a better deal for the listed price tag. Highly recommended, nothing but a thumbs up from here!