Best 300 Watt RMS Subwoofer


If you want to get a proper groove going on in your car, you need to secure your vehicle with a trusty woofer to get that low-end bopping.

With that in mind, we went ahead and sifted through today’s market in an attempt to find the best 300 watt RMS subwoofer money can buy.

It is our opinion that 300 watts is an optimal amount of power for every user, whether you’re on the quiet side of listeners or among the bunch who likes their music cranked up to 11.

We have three options to present you with, and answer the big question:

What is the best 300 watt RMS subwoofer?

– Rockford Fosgate P2D4-10

Rockford Fosgate P2D4-10 Review

We’ll get the party started with a trusty Rockford Fosgate, a mid-range price option that stands out with many features, but the price just might be No. 1.

What makes this fella stand out is the fact that the web keeps a variety of amazing deals for it.

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The item utilizes a a 2.25 inch copper clad aluminum voice coil, a VAST (vertical Attached Surround) system that secures an increased cone area, thus bringing more resonance to the tone, a classic flex fit basket design, and a Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cone for extra durability.

As noted, the device comes with 300 watts of RMS and 600 watts of peak power. It’s a 10-inch, dual 4-ohm subwoofer with high-density poly-foam surround.

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This things just purrs! It has a very distinctive low middle punch, which is backed by a warm bass department and and a reasonable pinch of treble brightness, just for a bit of clarity.

The listed features secure that the woofer never goes into overdrive and overloads your sonic mix with unnecessary frequencies. It rounds up the overall output perfectly, just like it should.

– JL Audio 10w3v3-4

Now, off to the high-end option. If you were to ask us what is the best 300 watt RMS subwoofer, there’s a good chance that our answer would be the JL Audio 10w3v3-4 model.

It packs a fantastic mixture of sonic quality, value for money, durability, and reliability. We wholeheartedly recommend it!

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This 10 inch 4 ohm woofer comes with a variety of notable features, but some of the things we would like to particularly single out are the mineral-filled polypropylene upper cone, a little something that allows the speaker to deliver an incredibly well-rounded and deep bass without overdrive or sonic distortion.

Also included in the mix is a DMA optimized, long linear excursion capability, securing big power even with small sealed or ported enclosures.

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The best sound on this list, no doubt about it! The place where it should shine – the low end – is where this item is the best. It has the ability to deliver the lowest frequencies incredibly effectively and take your listening experience to the next level, and for that we salute it!

– Pyramid PW677X

In the budget friendly department, we have a little gem for you. It is not the best sounding item on the list, but it offers absolutely the best value for money. Small, cheap, yet powerful enough to blow you away – the mighty Pyramid PW677X!

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The gizmo comes with the following notable features – a new design injection-molded P.P. cone that secures maximum results, a specially treated black rubber edge suspension, silver plated terminal rubber magnet boot for extra protection, and standard 1-Inch high temperature kapton voice coil.

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The sound of this thing will really surprise you. It’s not better than the first two options, but seeing that you can get your hands on this dude for just a few bucks (!), we’re talking major bargain here. It purrs and roars, and although you shouldn’t crank this puppy to 11, you will be incredibly satisfied as long as you’re willing to keep the volume at 6, maybe even 7.


Thus, in a nutshell, these are the best 300 watt RMS subwoofers money can buy across a variety of categories.

Now you just need to jot down your exact spending budget and treat yourself with one of these bad boys as early as today. A big thumbs up from here!