Best Acoustic Electric Guitars for Under $1000


It takes quite a bit of skill to know how to choose the best acoustic electric guitar, seeing that the player needs to have a sound knowledge of both the acoustic aspect and the electronic department in order to single out the finest product.

This is where we’d like to step in and help you make a decision with our brief rundown of three best acoustic electric guitars for under $1000. Details below.

What Are the Best Acoustic Electric Guitars for Under $1000

– Yamaha APX500 Natural

Yamaha APX500 Acoustic-Electric Guitar - MusicFutures

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This is one gorgeous looking naturally colored guitar that features a spruce top with nato back and sides, a nato neck that is quite slim and easy to play, as well as a Rosewood bridge and fingerboard. In the electronic department, the guitar consists of a quality System 55T with a 3-band EQ, adjustable midrange frequency,  and a chromatic tuner.
A mix of quality, yet affordable equipment is what makes this product stand out. The guitar delivers sound of far greater sound quality that its similarly priced peers, looks great, feels and delivers like a true stunner it is.

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The Yamaha APX500 is loud, warm and crystal clear. Its sonic output is not only strong and powerful, but rich in every aspect, allowing the guitar to cover a vast array of genres, styles and approaches. Rock, pop, country, blues, you name it, this baby covers it.

– Freshman Apollo 3 DC

Freshman Apollo 3 DC Electro Semi Acoustic Guitar - MusicFutures

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Now this one is a bit of a hidden gem. A classic dreadnought cutaway guitar, this Freshman six-string offers an immense amount of quality packed within a surprisingly affordable package (for such quality, of course).

The guitar features a sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides, a rosewood fingerboard and a gorgeous natural finish. In the electronic department, the six-string boasts a Fishman Presys duel blend system and delivers possibly its best performance when plugged in.

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Top-notch, high-quality, great. When we said that this one is a hidden gem, we meant it. Crystal clear, punchy, warm, strong, and covering every sonic specter you might need for just about any acoustic-fueled style, this thing has it all. Many pros stick to it despite having at least five times more expensive guitars at their disposal, and that truly says something.

– Taylor Guitars 200 Series 214-CE-G Grand Auditorium

Taylor Guitars 200 Series 214-CE-G Grand Auditorium Acoustic - MusicFutures

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Finally, the third instrument on our list is the most high-end product we can offer you within the given price range. Made from nothing but top-quality material (a sitka spruce top with layered rosewood back and sides), this guitar comes as close to our price range as it can get.

The electronic department hardly lags behind, once again offering us nothing short of best results at a price several times more lower than instruments with similar sonic output. Finally, the only word needed to describe the classic looks and feel is gorgeous.

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The clarity and this resonance of this instrument have astounded the majority of musicians who have tested it out. Very warm and rich, it has all the traits of a professional instrument. The pros use it for a vast array of endeavors, whether we’re talking about live shows, studio recordings or simple jam sessions. Needless to say, any genre from pop and country to blues and rock is well covered.



The world of acoustic guitars is an intricate realm you can explore for a lifetime, and with just about any of these three models you’ll be well covered for a long time and at a fairly affordable price.

In a nutshell, these are fine instruments, and what is most important is that you simply can’t go wrong with buying any of them. We’ll also point out that some of the key factors we’ve considered are sound quality, resonance and clarity, quality electronics, as well as built quality.

But you need to have a keen sense and be aware of what you want from music, because that is when you’ll be able to round up your thoughts and buy the six-string that suits you the most. Music is a journey of a lifetime, equip yourself properly.


  1. Nothing beats a Taylor in my opinion, and that 214 is a good choice.

    There is something I very much enjoy about these guitars – if I had to pinpoint it, I’d probably say that Taylors can get away with producing a pinch of fuzz while not ruining the overall output, but instead improving it and making it more unique.
    Over the years I think I’ve learned to hear a Taylor from a mile away haha

  2. I can’t believe it, a Freshman! Finally someone found this gem and gave it the attention it deserves. I bought it two years ago unplanned, just for kicks so to say, and I’ve been super pleased with it, even making it my main instrument for gigs now!

  3. No Fender?! What kind of list like this omits a Fender?! I do love that Yamaha, how it looks and feels, but you had to include at least one Fender, like a Pro Custom Shop Model or something.

  4. I’ve played the APX500 for four years, and this is what I can say – a solid guitar, not a bad bang for the buck at all. I like how resonant it is, I like how it stays in tune, and I love how great it sounds in clubs. It was my trusty companion for many years and it was a bit hard parting ways with this guitar. But I think the $1500 budget range works out much better for acoustics, as I find it to be the ultimate sweet spots for this type of instruments.

  5. A peculiar choice with that freshman, thank you very much for drawing my attention to this company! i’ve done some research and i have to say that i like what i hear very much. this guitar sorta combines vintage feel and modern stuff, but it definitely has its signature sound. while maybe it isn’t for everyone, i think it definitely IS for me, so once again thank you very much for sharing this with me, it was a bit of an eye opener really

  6. If you want to play country like I do, choose Taylor! My brother told me to buy this exact model from this list and he said that it was the best guitar of its kind for up to $1000. Now that I see it here I can’t believe my bro was that right!

  7. I bought the APX500 for my son’s birthday, and he’s very happy with it, he was eying that thing for a year now!

  8. I think that Little Martin also deserves a mention here, it has to be one of the most iconic and legendary six-strings in the world. But kudos to you for bringing up Taylor, that one is a must-have for every guitar lover out there, and for this price range, it’s the deal of the century.

  9. What I have to say about my APX500: Loving the built-in tuner and auto shut down, loving the full sound, loving the dreadnought punch, loving the low action, loving the smooth tuners, loving the piezo pickup system. There is not one thing I dislike about this instrument, and I’ve been playing it for a year and a half. Very recommended!

  10. I work in a music store, and I have to agree about the Taylor and Yamaha here – these two exact models are big favorites among our customers and they usually sell like hotcakes. The Freshman model is also a nice choice and it really spices up the list as a bit of a hidden gem. Nice job!