Best Banjo Brands


what are the Best banjo company

Unlike guitar brands, banjo manufacturers aren’t that much of household names, meaning that unlike the guitar realm, where pretty much anyone can say that a Fender or a Gibson is a fine instrument, the banjo world doesn’t really offer that much of a strong starting point.

Therefore, we went ahead and singled out some of the best banjo brands in the world today based on such key factors as quality, durability, affordability, longevity, and more. Our top picks patiently await below.

What are the best banjo brands?

– Deering Banjo Company

Deering Banjo Company ReviewFounded in 1975, Deering Banjo Company established itself as one of premiere banjo manufacturers with a string of top-quality models. When you’re endorsing the likes of Mumford & Sons and Bella Fleck, you’re doing it right!

Whether it’s 5-string banjos, 4-string banjos, parlor banjos, long neck banjos, 6-string banjos, or even 12-string banjos, the company has them all covered. In the sonic domain, Deerings are well-known for their strong mid-range punch and a well-rounded audio output. Additionally, they are quite durable and always come with a fair price tag, despite being a massive brand of the banjo division.

– Vega Banjos

Vega Banjos reviewVega is a big name founded was back in late 19th century. Primarily focused on musical instruments, the company is most well-known for its banjos these days. Its Vegavox model stands out as a genuine piece of art co-developed with legendary banjo plectrum player Eddie Peabody.

Vega banjos are known for their rich traditional country vibe. If you’re looking for that classy classic tone of the cowboys, look no further than a Vega. One of the most renowned Vegas is a five-string banjo crafted by none other than late folk icon Pete Seeger, a model that brought the company a significant amount of popularity among the folk crowd.

This led to Vega being purchased by the legendary Martin, the king of acoustic guitars, and that’s saying something.

– Recording King Banjos

Recording King Banjos reviewAnother fine pick is just about any model from the Recording King. Known as a versatile manufacturer of musical instruments, Recording King stood out with its top-notch acoustic guitars and banjos. They are known for distinctive looks, a classy vibe and great versatility. So if you’re looking to spice things up and use a banjo outside of the designated areas, walk off-road and visit the uncharted waters, try a Recording King.

The sound of these instruments is very well-rounded, meaning that we’re dealing with a warm and strong low end, a punchy middle section, and a bright treble department.


In a nutshell, these three companies stand out as the best banjo brands on today’s market. When you pick one of these up, you can rest assured that you are wielding a quality product worthy of your attention. Sure, there are various models and each of them can suit your needs in a different way, but in general, you can rest easy that with these three brands you won’t get a quality product or a good value for money. Highly recommended, a major thumbs up from here!