Best Bass Combo Amps Under $500


If you are in search for the finest bass guitar combo amplifier at an affordable price, specifically for the best bass combo amp under $500, we’re glad to be of assistance and provide you with a brief rundown of what today’s market has to offer.

When searching for the best bass amp, several factors are to be considered, most notable the rich low end that does not interfere with the remaining frequencies, resulting in a sound that can best be described as warm, punchy, and crunchy. More details in the rundown below.

What Is the Best Bass Combo Amp Under $500

– Fender Rumble 200 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

Fender Rumble 200 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier - MusicFutures

A trusty Fender gets to kick things off, specifically the good ole Rumble series. This model is a strong gig amp with loads of power and versatility, suitable for just about any musician out there.

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The amp offers 200 watts of power, which is enough strength to support you during live shows. The package is fairly compact and easy to transport, unlike other amps of similar power. The amp offers standard EQ tone control, as well as a newly-developed overdrive circuit with a switchable Contour control, which is perfect for rockers in need of a gritty tone or the funk boys looking for a extra punch in their slapping groove.

The amp has a standard Fender look that is ever so easily recognizable, as well as a removable front grille for easier maintenance.

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Rock, jazz, metal, blues, country, pop, this thing has you covered for each of these genres. It can be warm and mellow, or it can go gritty and punchy, it’s all about the proper adjustments. The three switches on the right – Bright, Contour and Vintage, give a rich specter on their own, add the standard EQ adjustments to the mix and you’ll get a very rich sound palette.

– Ampeg BA112 Solid State Bass Combo Amplifier, 50 Watt

Ampeg BA112 BassAmp Series 1x12 Solid State Bass Combo Amplifier, 50 Watt - MusicFutures

Our next contestant has been branded a true powerhouse on quite a few occasions; it is indeed a very strong amp capable of delivering quality sound at higher volume and even with an affordable price.

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Apart from a sturdy casing and 50 watts of power delivered through a single 12-inch speaker, the amp is fairly easy to transport and offers standard knobs for tone control. Specifically, the amp comes with a three-band EQ for bass, middle and treble, as well as additional five preset styles for different sounds. Very convenient, if we might add.

Additionally, there are two inputs, the standard one and the -15 dB one, a CD input for practice sessions, a line out for live shows, and a headphones out for silent jams. Also included in the mix is the tilt back function when you use the amp as an onstage monitor during shows.

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Loud, clear, free of distortion and capable of delivering more power than the 50 watt sign indicates. The sound quality does not deteriorate over years, as many satisfied customers have reported back after over 10 years, praising the sound for remaining crystal clear and powerful.


– Peavey TOUR TKO 115 Bass Combo Amplifier

Peavey TOUR TKO 115 Bass Combo Amplifier - MusicFutures

Bringing us very close to our budget limit, the Peavey Tour TKO 115 delivers a massive amount of power, so if you’re looking for a very powerful bass combo amp at an affordable price, this is your pick.

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400 watts of power, wow! The sound is very easily adjustable thanks to a 7-band EQ, the casing is very sturdy and durable, while the sonic department is additionally enhanced by an effects loop. Headphone output is also included, as well as the tilt back function when you use the amp as an onstage monitor during concerts.

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Roaring, powerful and wild, yet warm and articulated. The amp delivers a consistent sound at greater volumes with a well-rounded low end and bright treble segments. An amp for every occasion, really.


In a nutshell, these three amps give the best bang for the buck and we highly recommend testing out all of them. It’s down to minute preferences now, but these are the best bass amps for under $500 and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Highly recommended items.


  1. I say go with Rumble. A Fender is a Fender, and you can’t go wrong with those boys.
    Owned one for many years, and now my son is using it for his first bass steps.
    And yes, it still works and it’s still awesome. Durable, great sound, hard as a friggin rock it is!

  2. I play bass in a metal band and Peavey is by far the best option for metal bass players in my opinion. It really has the balls you need to play some real metal, stuff like Pantera, early Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and stuff like that. I am very pleased with it.

  3. What about cheaper Mark Bass models?
    Those are the best amps money can buy if you ask me, so even their cheaper models are superior to similarly priced stuff from other companies.