Best Blues Singers Today


Blues. The melancholic, nostalgia-inducing, heart-wrenching songs. It has always been said that Blues are arguably the purest and most inspiring form of music to have ever come out in American and the world as a whole.

Unfortunately, some of the best blues singers today have no longer active in the music scene, and fewer are actually recording. But this genre of music that originated from deep down South US is very much alive and kicking.

Here are some of the best blues singers today.

1. B.B King

B.B-KingThe King himself is coincidentally considered too as the king of blues today. His mastery as a singer, guitarist, songwriter and musician is unsurpassed.

In 2013, B.B King was ranked as the second most influential blues musician of the year. He’s also been featured as the 17th personality in Gibson’s Top 50 Guitarist and Singers of all time.

King is well-known for introducing the sophisticated and unique style of soloing based on shimmering vibrato and fluid string bending.

2.Fatback Deluxe

Fatback-DeluxeInfluenced by the legendary Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, Fatback Deluxe is a band of upcoming, new age blues singers based in Atlanta, Georgia.

And although this group was formed way back in 2001, Fatback Deluxe only came into popularity a couple of years ago – in 2008. Their debut album Rat Now released in 2009 thrust them into the limelight that they are enjoying up to now.

3. Matt Anderson

Matt-AndersonHe claims that he was influenced to venture into blues by none other but B.B Kings himself. Musically, Matt is a crossbreed of the old-school blues and the new-age urban and redefined music.

His style is generally characterised by monster guitar chops, strong vocals and great songwriting.

4.The Black Keys

The-Black-KeysThere is no denying that the black keys are one have taken the culture of blues rock to a whole new level. The duo that consists of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney has managed to come up with a new style that fuses traditional blues in a modern contemporary setting.

Auerbach, one of the members, attributes his style to Junior Kimbrough’s music that he grew up listening.

In 2014, their sixth studio album – dubbed Brothers – was ranked as the second in Rolling Stone’s list of 2014’s Best Albums. The album also won three Grammy awards.

5. Gary Clark Jr.

Gary-Clark-JrBluesman Gary from Austin has been tearing off the stage of late in collaboration with his producer and promoter Clifford Antone.

What’s more, he was also named as the ‘Best Young Gun‘ in 2011 by Rolling Stone.