Best Digital DJ Controller for Beginners – Our recommended


If you are looking to become a DJ, some of the things you will need are talent, hard work, and a desire to succeed through the power of music.

But that won’t be enough, as you will also need a quality tool to help you along the way. With that in mind, we have delved into today’s marked, sifted through it like never before in an attempt to bring you the best digital DJ controller for beginners.

The factors we took into consideration are first and foremost quality sound and good value for money. Additionally, we looked for products with solid durability and high reliability, preferably with nice looks.

With that in mind, here are our three choices to answer the following question:

What is the best digital DJ controller for beginners?

– Numark Mixtrack I

Numark Mixtrack II USB DJ Controller with Trigger Pads Review

We’ll get the party started with a quality Numark device. This company is known as one of the leaders of its niche, so it was quite expected that one of its cheaper model would make the list. And rightfully so, as this device is a great mixture of quality sound and budget pricing.

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The controller utilizes a set of low profile touch sensitive control wheels, along with 16 rubber drum pads for triggering samples, which serve as a great tool to spice up the groove.

The mix includes a vast array of tasty goods that will make your sound output much more interesting for the listeners, including cue points, loops, dedicated FX and EQ controls, a Virtual DJ LE compatible with any digital DJ platform, and even a Numark Remix Toolkit download, which is valued at $200 on its own!

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The sound can be described as very versatile and strong. Your mixes will shine through with more than a decent sound while leaving you yearning for more, just like any good beginner item should.

What we very much like about this guy is that it can deliver a top-notch clean sound with no effects, but can present equally high quality output while using effects. And there are many effects here – flanger, echo, phaser – you name it, it’s there!

– Pyle-Pro PDJ480UM

Another solid choice comes in the form of Pyle-Pro PDJ480UM. What we like about this guy is the variety of prices it comes in.

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The product is essentially worthy of pros, but stands out with great ease of use that make it equally suitable for beginners. Add that low price to the mix and you got yourself a winning combo.

Anyhow, the device utilizes a dual USB DJ MP3 and SD Card player, featuring an XLR mic input and a pitch bend adjustment range of 12%. Other notable features include a continuous loop mode, classic rack mount design, dual pitch slide control and a smooth LCD display with blue backlight. The product’s total dimensions are 18.98” W x 3.54” D x 3.14” H.

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The sound is once again loud and clear, with a string of nifty details to make sonic alterations of all sorts.

You can change the sound through a traditional 3-band EQ control across multiple channels, but also use more modern alternatives and hit that jog wheel in full-on scratch mode! Options are limitless, it’s up to your creativity and preferences on how you’ll use them.

– Odyssey BRLDIGITAL Redline Series

Odyssey BRLDIGITAL Redline Series Review

We’ll conclude the rundown with an affordable compact option – the Odyssey BRLDIGITAL.

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The item includes many of the features of the two items listed above, only in a compact case.

If you are on the move frequently, this is the best option. Whether it’s drumming options or sound effects, the Odyssey packs them all. Versatility is out there, but so is mobility!

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Although mobility is the word of the day, this item stands out with a fine array of controls for audio adjustments.

If accompanied with a proper laptop, there are no limits for you, but even in clean mode and on its own, this controller will provide you with everything you need. Highly recommended for frequent travelers!


Overall, each of these items could be ranked as the best digital DJ controller for beginners.

It is up to you now to jot down your preferences and exact spending budget, buy one of these bad boys as early as today, and start working on that sonic magic. Get it on now!