Best DJ Controller Under $300


If you are a working DJ, or even an aspiring one, you know perfectly well that a solid DJ controller is a must for achieving a proper performance and a quality sound.

Best DJ Controller under 300

But despite the popular opinion, you do NOT need to spend thousands of dollars to achieve a good sound. Sure, a stellar sound will cost ya, but a good one can be obtained for a fairly low price, low as in $300.

Therefore, we sifted through today’s market in a bold attempt to bring you the best DJ controller under $300. Our quest yielded three top-notch products for the price, make sure to check them out below.

What is the best DJ controller under $300?

– Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

This model is an obvious choice. Hailed by DJs and gear critics as one of the finest mixtures of quality and affordable price tag, the Mixtrack Pro 3 is a frequent choice of many DJs, including some of the big-club names.

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The device offers a significant level of sonic control that can overcome obstacles caused by different environments you might be performing in. The controller utilizes a set of dedicated filter knobs for each of the channels, a multi-function touch strip that allows you dynamic FX control, along with 16 multi-function performance pads.

Also included in the mix is a pack of high-resolution jog wheels, multiple FX manipulation with dedicated track browsing, a dual 5 inch set of responsive metal platters, and even an on-board Prime Loops remix tool kit.

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In addition to offering FX variations, the device allows you to deliver a variety of audio tricks to the track you’re playing. So whether you want to crank your basses to the max or add unexpected drops, this device has your back covered in any way.

The variety of sonic adjustments is another notable feature, and we really can’t think of many devices that can match the versatility of this Numark at the given budget.


– Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SB2

Up next is a staple brand and one of the most renowned name of the audio world – the mighty Pioneer.

And just so we’re clear, the status of a household name is definitely not the sole criteria we are relying on here, as the DJ DDJ-SB2 is a very well-rounded tool of the DJ trade, regardless of the big name.

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The product features a set of tactile performance pads, which make the device easy to control in a variety of aspects, whether we’re talking about sonic adjustments or playlist arrangements.

Also included in the mix are standard large jog wheels, a manual filter and a dynamic DJ play feature. The item has a light weight of 6.9 lbs and total size of 13.5 x 23 x 5.2 inches.

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The sound is perfect for fans of the low end, as this fella is capable of pulling off some very warm and wobbly bass sounds that will get your crowd grooving. The lower middles are also very easy to adjust to present different amounts of punch, and bright treble frequencies are quite solid as well.


– Hercules DJ 4780730

In the budget friendly domain, we have the Hercules DJ 4780730. This guy packs a string of notable features that bring it fairly close to items listed for twice the dollar amount.

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The product operates as a two-deck controller with separate mixer controls in the central section and deck controls on the left and right sides.

It combines a variety of on-board audio outputs, uses a set of pressure-sensitive jog wheels, a 4-channel playback and a 2 RCA mix output.

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The sound is very good. Sure, it’s not as good as the first two items, but the versatility and mid-range punch offered by this dude are still nothing short of amazing for the listed price.

So if you want your performance to pack a middle-frequency fueled hit, this is a very solid choice. Overall, this item offers the best value for money on the whole list.



When the line is drawn, we can confidently say that these three items are the strongest contenders for the title of the best DJ controller under $300.

They all offer their unique quality and style, it is now just a matter of summing up your thoughts and personal preferences and choosing the ideal candidate for you. But regardless of your final choice, these are all items you cannot go wrong with, and that says it all.