Best drum beats in songs – Most spellbinding drum beats of all time


The world of music is an avenue full of competition. New beats flood the market every day, hence the need to keep yourself up to date with your preferences.

To do this, listen to the sound samples and follow the various famous drummers and their beats.

Among the most amazing drum beats are:

Tomorrow Never Knows -The Beatles

The-BeatlesFormed in the United Kingdom early as 1960, The Beatles are one of the oldest bands around. They are arguably one of the most influential bands of their era.

With John Lennon and Paul McCartney as their lead singers, they produced the most spellbinding beat in the title Tomorrow Never Knows.

The beat was notable for its staccato of samples and played a big role in setting the place for the productions that came to the scene for following several decades.

System of a Down-Toxicity

System-of-a-DownAlso known as SOAD or SYSTEM, the Carlifonia band started as a five member act and has five albums. Nominated in the famous Grammy Awards of 2006, the band that currently has four members has sold over 40 million records all over the world.

The release of System of a Down pivoted the team to great success as their songs were loved and played often on air. Several other groups experimented with this approach, always with varied degrees of success.

No More Sorrow-Linkin Park

No-More-Sorrow-Linkin-ParkBeing the eight track of Linkin Park’s third album, the song( which starts with an instrumental intro) became a hit in 2007.

Chester Bennington, the lead singer led the band with his great vocals in performing the song on live stage where it was received with a lot of positivity.

No more sorrow is still wildly popular among most drum beat enthusiasts world over.

When the Levee Breaks -Led Zeppelin

When-the-Levee-Breaks-Led-ZeppelinThis beat syncs greatly with its rhythm. It is catchy and impossible not to like.

Having been tried several times unsuccessfully, Led Zeppelin offered what had been lacking before.

The beat stood out because of the way everything seemed to marry in the entire composition.

Down With Sickness-Disturbed

Down-With-Sickness-DisturbedThe drum beat was the American band’s first song to be certified by the Recording Industry. The instrumental part has a feel of trying to convey a message.

There is perfect among the many elements of composition, and the beat has a remarkably different outlook from the slew of samples that came before it.