Best Electronic Drums Under $1000


To address all the potential naysayers, there are quite a few advantages of electronic drum kits these days. The technology has advanced to a level high enough for electronic sets to deliver top-notch sound quality, and with that out of the way, all it remains is a great advantage of electro drums when it comes to portability and ease of use.

Quite a few things to consider when finding the best electronic drums for under $1000, and we’ll list just about all of them on our brief list. The full rundown awaits below.

What Are the Best Electronic Drums for Under $1000

– Roland TD-4KP V-Drums

Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Portable Electronic Drum Set PAK - MusicFutures

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This set is very practical and compact, and includes a mix of basic features. Specifically, it comes with a kick pedal, a hi-hat, two standard toms, a floor tom to cover the low end, a snare drum to deliver the punch, as well as two standard cymbals.

If you’re looking for the most portable electronic drum kit with a great sound, this is the deal you’ve been searching for. The looks are quite nice, the built is very sturdy, allowing you to use this kit for quite a few years.

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In the sonic department, these drums deliver. Very versatile, very adjustable, very user friendly. You can easily adjust the kid to fit your needs, whether you’re into rock, blues, jazz, county, pop, or even full-on heavy metal music.

The sound is loaded with punch, rich with bass, but still clear to stand out above the rest when needed. In a nutshell, this kit gives you quality sound at an affordable price and in a very compact package.

– Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit - MusicFutures

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A more serious instrument, the Yamaha DTX 522K comes with standard electro drum elements – the floor tom, two classic toms, a hi-hat, two cymbals, as well as a double kick pedal to up the groove. The built is very high quality and the sonic specter is quite vast, allowing you not only to cover many genres and styles, but do so with top quality.

Also included in the mix is a trigger response that’s been fine-tuned with laser analysis, a wonderful piece of new technology offering the kit an amazingly realistic response. The sound is nothing short of top-notch, a bit more on that in the paragraph below.

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Whether you’re a pop guy or a full-on metalhead, this electronic drum kit will satisfy your needs. It’s more than capable of covering just about every practice aspect, and can be also be used for live shows if properly fine-tuned. The sonic output is surprisingly rich, strong, authentic and realistic, making this a product you most definitely won’t regret purchasing.

– Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set - MusicFutures

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Now this one is quite a looker! Coming with a sleek, elegant and subtle color finish, the Alesis DM10 sounds as great as it looks. Commonly dubbed one of the best electronic drum kits for under $1000, this set is perfect for both beginner and intermediate players.

Apart from an extra low floor tom, what makes this set stand out is the technology department and the Dynamic Articulation technology that changes the drum timbre with shifts in playing dynamics, offering an immensely realistic feel.

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In the sonic department, the kit is fairly spotless and offers a vast array of moods, sounds and colors. It is easily adjustable and very user-friendly, and packs a mean punch. If properly adjusted, it will sound just like the real deal, you can take the word of many audiophiles on that. A fine product worthy of a spot in every drummer’s collection.


We wholeheartedly recommend just about any drummer out there to give electronic kits a go – they are practical, sound great if adjusted properly, and are very easy to handle and transport.

The time it takes you to get ready for practice or a show can be severely reduced. If you’re looking for best electronic drum kits under $1000, the three listed products are perfect to suit everyone’s needs, whether you’re a pro, an intermediate player or a beginner drummer. Get your act into the 21st century with a killer electro drum kit today.


  1. If you ask me, when it comes to electronic drums there’s Roland and there’s the other guys. Seriously, Roland are so strong and revolutionary here that the only way I can understand someone buying a not-Roland is the cheaper price. But if you have the money, just go Roland, no second thoughts there if you ask me…

  2. Alesis all the way, I played this exact kit at my brother’s place and they rip it up. I tweaked those settings for like two hours straight and never got bored….. oh, and like what you said, they really allow you to express the mood you’re in at the moment, it’s not like they’re just drums, but an actual instrument……

  3. That Yamaha is a great pick. When it comes to music, I learned over the years that that company can really and truly excel in every region. Like, they have amazing guitars, they have amazing drums, they have amazing keyboards, they have amazing everything and anything!

  4. I like to combine prog rock and electronica music, like the type of stuff Robert Fripp did during one of his many musical stages, and that Alesis is a great choice for me.

    It gives me the liberty of expressing a whole array of sonic nuances through that little box of sounds. Whether I want to bash like Bonham or caress the percussion like a boss, Alesis has the goods!

  5. I don’t like Roland, but the Yamaha is a decent company I guess.
    I have always liked real drums more, I don’t understand the big deal about electronic stuff.
    Like if you want to practice silently just get some pads n stuff, no need to get this big thing. And the sound is crap imho…