Best Gibson Les Paul for the Money


When you talk Gibson Les Paul guitars, you talk quality, tradition and luxury. These six-string have been wielded by such all time masters as Jimmy Page, Slash and Duane Allman, hence you could say that they have big expectations to fulfill and offer some serious punch. To this day, LPs still deliver, but you should still know to differentiate them and find out he Best Gibson Les Paul for the money.

How to choose the best Les Paul Guitar for the money

Now that’s quite a question, but the fact is, Gibson Les Paul six-strings are one of those guitars you cannot go wrong with. But seeing that they are all major investments, you will also want to get the exact sound you have imagined. Off to the finest models at various prices right away!

Gibson Les Paul LPJ

Gibson USA LPJ14C2SC1LPJ 2014 Cherry Satin Solid-Body Electric Guitar - MusicFutures

We’ll kick it off with a budget friendly option, the little Les Paul Junior. Made as an economy version of the iconic six-string, the LPJ still brands the Gibson name and proudly boasts some neat specs worthy of a top guitar.

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The LPJ features a mahogany body with a maple top, an extra comfortable ’50s profile neck, a rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays and the special 120th Anniversary logo on the 12th fret. Also included in the mix is classy chrome hardware, a Tune-O-Matic bridge and a Stop Bar tailpiece. The sound is delivered through a set of  1 Zebra humbucking pickups in traditional neck and bridge positions.

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Classic Gibson you might say. Not quite there, but certainly better than the vast majority of Epiphone Les Paul Guitars. It’s chunky, loud and proud, only not as much as the classic mode. Still, consider this one the crowning jewel of economy Gibson Les Paul models.

– Gibson Les Paul Studio 2015

2015 Gibson Les Paul Studio in Manhattan Midnight - MusicFutures

Coming up from the modern era, we represent you with the best Gibson Les Paul for the money in 2015 – the Les Paul Studio. It has all the classic elements, but implements the latest technology, which makes it a perfect choice for the modern player.

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Apart from a classic mahogany body with maple top,  a slim mahogany taper neck and a rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid pearl inlays, this six-string boasts some mean hardware, most notably a set of ’57 Classic and ’57 Classic Plus humbuckers with push-pull coil splitting for those snappy single-coil tones, as well as top-notch Orange Drop capacitors for extra warmth and depth.

Also included in the mix is the G-Force tuning hardware, which renders the tuning process to a push of a button, while the satin Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece bring it all home for amazing sustain and precise intonation.

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Classic Gibson Les Paul, gritty and punchy, only with a more modern feel. In a nutshell, this is a worthy contender of the great classic, and that says something.

– Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar, Ebony

Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar - MusicFutures

Finally, the big boy, the one and only Gibson Les Paul Custom, the real deal, the big gun, the icon, the legend.

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To round up the classic specs, what we have here is a mahogany body and neck and high-end ebony neck. Add the iconic 490R and 498T pickups, a Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece to the mix and you’ve got yourself the legend known as Les Paul Custom. Remember those legends at the beginning of the article? Well, that’s them.

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Remember those legends at the beginning of the article? Well, apart from a déjà vu we feeling we just gave you, this guitar is them in many ways. An iconic sound of an all-time classic, this thing remained essentially throughout the ages, like the ultimate predator, roaming the lands of rock ‘n’ roll with dead-on crushing sound. If you’re searching for the best, you’ve found it.



So there you have it, the three finest Gibson Les Paul guitars for any budget. As noted, these are high-end instruments, so don’t expect any major bargain deals, but if you are in pursuit of a top-notch Gibson Les Paul, and not a copy of any kind, these are your options.

Three different categories, three different price tags, three different sonic outputs. Sum up your though, your budget, and most importantly your needs, and buy yourself your very own best Gibson Les Paul for the money. These things are the real deal.


  1. Man looking at that Custom Shop beauty gives me the chills – I LOVE THAT GUITAR!
    I’ve been saving money for it for years now, it seems like an unreachable goal : ((
    but someday, it will be mine! And what a glorious day it will be!!

  2. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy a 2015 Gibson. Seriously, this company went to the shitter with their recent stuff. Thank God they are coming back to more normal terms in 2016 but last year was just a bunch of failed experiments for them. I hated each and every of those stupid “innovations” they released. I’m still a fan though, but just because of their legacy at the moment…