Best Ukulele Under $100

Ukulele is an awesome instrument! Meet the best ukulele under $100...


Ukulele is an awesome instrument! It’s very easy to learn the basics of playing thanks to the so-called three-chord pattern, and that foundation alone is enough for many hours of top-notch fun. It might even incline you to write a song or two!

So in that spirit, you can also find a very nice uke at a fair and affordable price these days. We’ll focus on the area beneath the Benjamin as we bring you our selection of top choices for the best ukulele under $100. Check it out below!

How to find the best ukulele under $100

U-30LB Painted Ukulele

We’ll kick things off with the budget friendly option and possibly the best cheap ukulele on the market these days. It goes by the name of U 30LB Painted Ukulele, and it boasts a memorable sleek look, along with a very solid audio output.

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The instrument features a strong maple body, a painted fingerboard and bridge, and a set of geared guitar-style tuners with black buttons that will keep the U 30B in proper shape and tune at all time. Additionally, a gig bag is also included in the mix for extra protection and convenience for storage and transport, making this deal quite a bargain.

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In the sonic department, this four-string ukulele offers a surprisingly strong performance, and although the sound quality is the lowest of all products on the list, the sound is still very solid for this budget. As a matter of fact, we can say that this item offers the best price – quality ratio on our entire little rundown here. And that just might be the key factor for the budget-conscious buyers to opt for the U 30B, which is perfectly fine in our book!

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Up next is a trusty Kala, commonly hailed as the best budget uke on the market! This instrument offers nearly the same quality and performance as twice more expensive items. It sports a set of neat features, a smooth design, and a sturdy casing.

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First off, this Kala features a mahogany body, a feature associated with high-end items and pretty much the key factor of this instrument sounding far better than the price might indicate. Also included in the mix is a slim and playable mahogany neck with standard 12 brass frets and fret position inlay markers at fifth, seventh and tenth frets.

The instrument also utilizes a classic rosewood fingerboard and a rosewood bridge, a sleek satin finish, and a set of quality geared tuners that will keep the instrument in good shape. Note that the ukulele comes pre-strung with Premium Aquila Nylgut strings.

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When it comes to the sound, all we can say is bright, light, and full of soul. This is a fine instrument, you should wield it proudly!

Luna Mahogany Series Honu Soprano Ukulele

Our final product would be a gorgeous instrument known as the Luna Mahogany Series Honu Soprano Ukulele. In the aesthetic department, this fella reigns supreme on the list thanks to its stunning finish, but it is strong features and a top-notch sound that make it truly stand out.

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The instrument proudly boasts a variety of notable features, including the 21 inch soprano size, an all mahogany body, a honu laser etched design, a classic rosewood freatboard with 12 frets, an included gig bag, and a smooth satin finish.

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In the sonic department, the instrument is characterized by slightly stronger basses and one heck of a low end punch, for a ukulele that is. If you want a good ole classic, high quality ukulele sound with a pinch of character, this is your No. 1 choice!


We have steadily reached the end of our journey here! Although the final choice comes down to your personal taste and preferences, we can say without a hint of doubt that these three items are all strong contestants for the title of the best ukulele under $100.

They all deliver a top-notch vibe, they are all durable, have a fair price tag, and perhaps most importantly – each of these instruments is very user friendly and well suited for newbie players. So, time to pull the trigger and treat yourself with one of these bad boys, they’ll make your life more vivid, that’s for sure!