Best Vocal Mic Under $2000 – Our Review


If you were to ask us what is the price one should pay in order to get the absolute best sounding microphone for recording vocals, we would say that around $2k would suffice.

With this budget, you would be able to remove all the budget cuts and restraints and get into some of the most amazing devices this niche has ever crafted. With that in mind, we ventured forth in a bold attempt to bring you the best vocal mic under $2000.

Our quest was quite a fruitful one, yielding three stellar items that patiently await below.

Name the best vocal mic under $2000

– Neumann TLM 49

Neumann TLM 49 Review

This condenser studio mic stands out with just about every aspect – from classy looks to amazingly clear sound, this is perhaps the most versatile item on the list, perfectly capable of capturing any musical vibe you sing into it.

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As expected, everything about this fella has been optimized for quality vocal delivery.

Notable features that make this device strive in that direction include a pressure gradient transducer with a large-diaphragm capsule of the iconic U 47 microphone, along with a cardiod characteristic feature, transformerless output circuitry, acoustically open wire mesh headgrille, and complete elastic suspension.

Additionally, that retro design will probably only further lure you to buy this item.

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You will be amazed by how clear, loud, and impeccable recordings are when made with a TLM 49! Clarity is indeed one of this item’s top features, but we also have to point out how easy is it to work with recordings made through it.

Basically, it’s all you dreamed of when you started out with that cheap $20 crap mic. In our opinion, this is the best studio mic for vocals on the list.

– Audio Technica AEW-4250AD 4000 Series

Audio Technica AEW-4250AD 4000 Series Review

Up next is a contender from Audio Technica – the AEW 4250AD 4000 series model. If the previous model was the best item for studio application, then this is the best mic for live vocals we have here!

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What we have here is a wireless condenser handheld mic. It features an operating frequency of 655.500 – 680.375 MHz, and a string of other specs that allow it to be the best live mic on the market.

These include the IntelliScan option that automatically finds and sets top available frequencies on each of the linked receivers, along with an advanced digital Tone Lock squelch that blocks stray RF with great efficiency, and a Dual Compander circuitry for processing of high and low frequencies separately, resulting in nothing but an unmatched audio quality.

Also included in the mix is an AEW-R4100 receiver and a AEW-T5400a cardioid condenser microphone/transmitter.

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You shall be loud, and you shall be ever so clear! The sonic reproduction of this thing will leave you speechless. It allows you to express every single nuance of your voice, and if you know how to use your pipes properly, the AEW 4250AD is just the thing that will turn a great voice into sonic magic.

– Sennheiser EW 500-965 G3

Sennheiser EW 500-965 G3 Review 2016

Finally, another household name – the mighty Sennheiser and the EW 500-965 G3 model. Once again a wireless option, once again more suited for live use. It’s a tad cheaper than the Audio Technica device, but still top-notch.

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The item utilizes an e965 true condenser multi-pattern capsule and an EM500 G3 rack-mountable diversity receiver with a GA3 rack mount kit. What this means is that you have some of the finest modern technology packed into a single device, with nothing short of amazing sonic results.

Other notable features include a 42 MHz bandwidth, a set of 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception, an enhanced frequency bank system with up to 32 compatible frequencies, and a strong metal case with extended durability.

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We’ve said it all – each of the items on the list is top-quality high-end stuff, and this guy is no difference.

You will be amazed by how big a difference is between items like this and cheap or mid-price stuff. Sure – talent, passion and hard work come first, but it’s quality equipment like this that allows you to truly go to 110%.


Thus, in a nutshell, these are all strong candidates for the flattering tile of the best vocal mic under $2000. They all deliver an absolutely impeccable performance, and they are all amazing products.

But, when personal tastes and preferences are taken into consideration, you will need to jot down your exact needs and spending budget in order to find out which one of these bad boys suits you the best.

Once that is our of the way, buy one of them as soon as possible and enjoy the majestic vibe of a high-end vocal mic!