Best VST Plugins for Ableton


Knowing how to properly utilize technology is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of  acquiring and producing a killer recording these days. You simply have to know your technology, all the tips and tricks, loops and hoops.

And one of such important matters comes straight down the alley of VST plugins. There is such a vast number of choices out there that it has become an arduous task to sift through all of then in pursuit of the quality stuff. Luckily, we decided to go ahead and complete that task for you, simply because we’re into the whole matter that much. What awaits below is a list of best VST plugins for Ableton.

What Are the Best VST Plugins for Ableton?

– Flux BitterSweet v3

flux_bittersweet-ReviewThe Flux Bitter Sweet is a transient shaper plugin, meaning that it is a top tool for drum sound correction. If you need a healthy dose of extra punch on your snare, toms, or kick drums, this plugin is one of the go-to options. Available as both 32 bit and 64 bit plugin, the Bitter Sweet offers minute tonal settings that make a big difference.

Drum plugins often present the user with a feel that is too plastic and too obviously fake. With this one, you can expect much better results, as well as an options to make all those necessary minute tweaks and adjustments to acquire a ripping drum sound.

The plugin features several prominent options, including the Output Gain to control the gain at the very end of the processing, as well as a bypass option to route the incoming signal directly to the output, allowing smooth transition between processed and clean signal.

Additionally, the plugin offers a total of Three different transient processing modes – the Main mode, which uses a standard stereo signal scheme for the processing, the Center mode for processing the Mid channel only, and the Stereo mode for processing the Side channel only, proved as very efficient for panned rhythmic or transient musical instruments.


This plugin has been hailed by many experts as a top tool for improving the overall quality of your mixes. It offers the so called fast Fourier transform audio spectrum analyzer function, allowing top-notch processing and editing of you audio recordings.

Some of the notable functions and features include output signal power statistics, stereo and multi-channel analysis, channel grouping, clipping statistics, A/B comparisons, a correlation meter, mid/side analysis, preset manager, spectrum smoothing function, K-system metering, full undo/redo history, internal channel routing, as well as all sample rates support.

The plugin additionally supports multi-channel analysis and can be adjusted to present spectrums from a set of two different channels or channel groups simultaneously, or at the same time.


Finally, the Sample Tank, a truly top notch VST plugin for Ableton and an option you should most definitely consider or at least try out for a spin or two. Many people point out that the fact that something as top-notch, efficient, and rich as Sample Tank can be free, but so it is.

The plugin offers a vast of visual instruments, including drums, guitars, bass guitars, organs, strings, orchestral sections, and even vocals. An upgrade to 2L or 2.5 XL version offers the plugin in full and allows you to access all the goodies, but even the free version is nothing short of killer. In total, the product includes : 58 sample based sounds, 146 preset sounds, and a total size of fairly small 579 MB.

The sounds offered by the Sample Tank are authentic, organic, and high-quality, and we have to point out once again that this is something you should most definitely try if you are looking to expand your musical production horizons. A major thumbs up from here.


If you need a simple, yet effective way to improve your studio recording and audio engineering work, these three VST plugins bring all the quality you need. Are they the best? For the specified budget, they sure are. And most importantly, these plugins simply cannot prove to be a waste of your time, you are bound to pick up something neat and clever, and that would be the whole point. Highly recommended.