The Big Question: What Are the Best Drums?

Asking "What are the best drums?" is a bit of a philosophical question, if we might say.


Asking “What are the best drums?” is a bit of a philosophical question, if we might say. But we’ll drop the smartass attitude and tell you that the answer significantly varies on the type of music you perform. Drums are a tricky beast to battle, and knowing your goals and personal preferences makes a world of difference when engaging into fight.

Therefore, we decided to round up several top-notch drum kits and name the best drums across several notable categories, genres and playing styles. There’s three of them at the very top, and they all patiently await for your attention below.

What are the best drums?

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set

We’ll get the ball rolling with a budget-friendly option and pretty much the best cheap beginner drum kit on the market today. It goes by the name of Gammon Percussion, it’s a five-piece set, and it has everything a beginner needs, both in terms of drum components and sound quality.

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Apart from that sexy high gloss metallic blue finish, the kit features not only the drums and the cymbals, but a drum stool and all the needed stands. Specifically, the kit utilizes a 2″ x 14″ 12 lug big bass drum,  a 5-1/2″ x 14 wood snare drum, a  12″ x 10″ and 13″ x 10 mounted toms, a set of adjustable tilt memory locks, a 16″ x 16″ floor tom, a pair of 12″ hi-hat cymbals, single 14″ crash/ride cymbal, a snare stand, a hi-hat stand, a cymbal stand, a chain driven bass drum pedal, a drummer’s throne, a pair drum sticks, and a drum key.

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Audio-wise, we’re looking at a strong little kit. Although it’s far from stellar, it does offer an amazing bang for the buck. Unlike the majority of starter kit, this one is actually perfectly playable, it gives an organic sound, a sound that perhaps most importantly will get the newbie drummer willing to explore the skin-bashing world rather than make him quit due to poor sound and lack of user-friendliness.

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set

If you’re an electronic drum type of musician looking for a great bang for the buck, we say look no further than the Alesis DM6, a professional kit available at a budget friendly price.

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The set operates as a five-piece drum driven by a DM6 module that offers a library of 108 high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion audio samples. It comes with a big kick drum, a snare, a set of three toms, two cymbals, as well as a hi-hat pad, a kick pedal a hi-hat controller device.

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In the sonic department, this kit is very versatile, so whether you like the robotic sound that screams electronica or if you’re more into the natural organic sound of a wooden drum kit, this baby has your back covered. All you have to do is invest a bit of time to figure all the details out, as the sounds are definitely in there.

Pacific Drums PDCM2217PW 7-Piece Drumset with Chrome Hardware

Finally, the real deal! The best drum in terms of quality-price ratio, period! We give you the PDP 7-piece set.

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The kit utilizes a 22″ x 18″ bass drum with an included tom mount, a set of 7″ x 8″, 8″x10″, and 9″x12″ mounting toms, a pair of 12″ x 14″ and 14″x16″ floor toms, and a 5.5″ x 14″ snare drum. Also included in the mix is a dual-turret lug, a set of graduated counter hoops, quality die-cast claw hooks, an MAG throw-off, and copper snare wires. These are top components that guarantee a top sound.

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When it comes to audio quality, you can’t beat this guy with any product within this price range. As a matter of fact, twice more expensive products might have a hard time beating the PDP. Strong, punchy, incredibly versatile and groovy, it’s a dream come true for many drummers out there.


In a nutshell, these are three best drum sets if you’re looking for either a beginner, electronic, or a pro option. They all deliver the highest performance across their respective leagues and price ranges, and they will all give you more than you’ve paid for. They are fine choices for fine musicians. Therefore, we kindly invite you to consult yourself and make the big purchase according to your personal preferences, spending budget and needs. Neat stuff, highly recommended.