Business Guide: How to Sell My Music Online


We live in the era where information is spread across just about every corner of the planet in a matter of second. Love it or hate it, the internet has brought the world closer and severely decreased the need for any middlemen, meaning that you can go out there and sell your product directly to the consumers.

This is particularly applicable within the music realm, where for quite some time bands and musicians have been presenting their work to the masses and monetizing it in different ways. We believe that musicians should spend as much time as possible behind their instruments, so we’ll keep this one as brief as possible.

The Big Question – How to Sell My Music Online?

There are a few steps we should cover here, starting from the very early stage all the way to minute tips and tricks. But first and foremost, you need to cover the following step:

Focus on Music, Quality Is the Key

Music futures - Focus on Music, Quality Is the KeyWhat the majority of guides of this type forgets to mention is that despite everything, quality sells these days. Sure, it helps if you have a memorable persona, distinctive looks (preferably distinctively pretty), and distinctive performance style, but if you sum those up into a quality song, you’re in for a hoot.

So first and foremost, make sure that the music you created makes you happy, but really happy and satisfied. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t fake it, just express yourself. If you can’t do that, you should consider session work. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but if you don’t have anything to express, creative songwriting isn’t for you. Now, some concrete steps.

Copyright Your Stuff

Business Guide - How to Sell My Music Online - Copyright Your StuffBefore making your music public, you need to have it copyrighted. Scratch that, you absolutely MUST copyright it. Legal issues are the last thing you need, and so are musicians ripping off your work. The whole process is quite simple and takes just a few steps to complete, so do it.

Find the Right Online Music Retailers

Once the creative and legal part is wrapped up, you can finally start searching for the right online music retailer to suit your needs. Although you should most definitely have a favorite, the practice has shown that it is best to spread out across as many branches as possible. iTunes clearly stands out as one of the top choices, but there are other retailers you should give a shot as well, most notably SongCast, Tunecore, Getonic, CD Baby and more.

Spread Your Stuff Out – Social Networks + BandCamp

SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter… You need to be active on social networks and have as many samples of your music out there as possible. Always make sure to include purchase links when sharing stuff and always fid creative ways to spread the word out.

And now a special paragraph for a little something called BandCamp – an amazing platform that gives unsigned artists an amazing amount of promotion basically for free. You can sign in to BandCamp and start selling music on the “name your price” principle, and all the company asks in return is 15% of earnings in the beginning and 10% once you cross the $5,000 threshold. It is worth noting that BandCamp has gathered over $100 million since it was founded in 2007, and that says a lot.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promote - Music futuresFinally, you need to invest a serious amount of time into promotion and figuring out the creative means of grabbing attention with your work. The more creative you get, the better results you will get. Plan your financial investments carefully, and don’t fall for the silly trick of investing a ton of money into ads and services that won’t bring you anything back. Be smart, keep your cool and rock steady.


And that about wraps things up, ladies and gents. We hope that this brief guide has shown you at least a part of the way, and we have to point out once again – it’s the quality song where it all begins, but additional skills are crucial as well, especially in this day and age. Now get off the computer and get some writing done, Mr. Musician!