Chord Buddy Review


Chord Buddy review - how to learn guitarIf you’re in pursuit for a product that will make guitar playing significantly easier for novice players and help them reduce the learning curve and be far more efficient, you might want to consider Chord Buddy.

If you’re not familiar with this item, it is a nifty tool aimed at beginners who want to master chord positions faster and with greater ease. We’ll run through just about every aspect in order to provide you with the big picture, so make sure to join us for a detailed Chord Buddy review right below.

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What is a Chord Buddy?

This would be a legitimate question, and we’ll delve right into in, shall we? Chord Buddy is a neat gadget that you place on your guitar’s neck, right at its top to be precise. You secure it and then place special markers to the desired fret positions to form a guitar chord of your preference. Then you simply press all the markers and strum the chord.

The visual aspect greatly enhances the tool’s efficiency; it is a well known fact that visual aids help the learning process and reduce the learning curve, and the same goes for guitars. The colorful markers allow the brain to easily distinguish the position of each finger and get the player up and running with no help within a matter of months.

How Does Chord Buddy Work?

The process is very simple and to an extent already described in the previous segment, but we’ll give a nice detailed explanation here to provide you with a full picture.

Step 1 – Take the Chord Buddy and attach it to the upper part of your guitar’s neck so that the holes are aligned with the instrument’s frets. You tighten the device so it stands still when used and does not fall of due to being handled.

Step 2 – Now you need to assign the markers. There is a total of four markers, colored yellow, green, red and blue, and you need to place as many as you need, a minimum of two and a maximum of four, to Chord Buddy’s holes above the desired frets on desired strings. For this you will either need to pick up the chord book that comes with the product, or consult an expert musician, or do it yourself if you have the skill.

Step 3 – Press the buttons, strum a chord and voilà – you’ve just played a perfect chord! You can perform it tone by tone or strum it as a whole, the choice is up to you.

In a nutshell, this is how Chord Buddy works. The markers can be adjusted to fit just about any position, and most importantly, the aforementioned visual aspect greatly helps you reduce the learning curve.


The item itself would be the most prominent feature of the package, but if we were to delve into specific details, we’d have to point out that the whole deal consists of the Chord Buddy with four colored markers for fret positions, but there’s more.

Actually, a whole lot more, you might say. For the same price, you get a detailed book consisting of a vast array of chord positions, as well as instructions for over 100 popular songs and how to perform and utilize their chords on any occasion. It’s a great manual and a great guide to keep the player focus on his task and overall musical journey.

We should also note that the learning system works on both acoustic and electric guitars. Some users have reported using it on a bass guitar, although that is not what the product was made for, nor is it recommended by the manufacturer. Speaking of which, it has been explicitly pointed out that the Buddy doesn’t work on left-handed guitars, or on classical and half-sized children guitars.

The Chord Buddy is made from plastic and offers a decent durability, the one you’d expect from a product you intend to use for not more than a couple of months. However, if you look after it, you can easily pass on the Chord Buddy to future players and they can also pass it on further down the road, it’s all about just a pinch of care.

The price is more than affordable, considering that the mix includes a detailed guide as well. It’s a product worth testing out, it is not very likely that it will mark a major financial setback for the majority of customers.

Pros & Cons

Chord Buddy Review - pros and consFrom everything noted thus far, it is fairly obvious that the item’s greatest feature is that it gives young players a boost from the get-go. The majority of guitar experts agrees that it’s the beginner stage where the most students quits due to being impatient. They are young little troopers, so it’s not that unexpected. The Chord Buddy will grab their attention through the rough phase and carry them all the way to intermediate level in no time, and that is no mean feat.

On the down side, certain users have pointed out that the product can be a bit tricky to hold in place. From what we can say, it stays fairly put, but don’t expect it to be perfectly placed all the time, it’s a real guitar, not the one from Guitar Hero.

Based on user reviews, Chord Buddy got mostly positive remarks, and just about any criticism was overshadowed by the product’s good sides.


Chord Buddy is indeed a clever, yet surprisingly simple tool that will get you up and running, playing those chords right from day one. The learning is seamless and the whole process is more convenient. The item is very affordable and easy to use, although you won’t need it for more than two months if you’re serious about getting your six-string skills to the top level. But as a learning tool, the Chord Buddy gets nothing but a thumbs up from us!


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  1. This is incredibly useful. My kid is 4 and he can’t really tackle the guitar full on, but the Chord Buddy made it so much easier for him to rock out.
    I hope he continues his music journey.

    I won’t force him, but I love watching my kid do something creative and productive, and Chord Buddy is making it possible!