Dave Grohl Drum Equipment



When we talk about Dave Grohl and his wonderful numbers and albums, we cannot but be fascinated with the kind of music equipment that are used by him and his team. Whether it is snares, kits, toy drums or cymbals, there was something unique about it.

However, all this did not happen overnight and it was well and truly a learning experience. It would therefore be interesting to look back on his achievements and find out how he went about choosing the right music equipment for his music performances.

He was perhaps one of the few who used painted two-by-fours to very good effect.

His Fascination For Gong Drum

Gong-DrumThe list of the drum equipment used by Dave is quite big but he seemingly had a fascination for gong drum and the first time he used it to it was appreciated a lot and since then it became an integral part of his entire drum equipment.

The snare drum was also something that has become integral to his list of equipment and the aluminum 14” x 6 x � piece for simply majestic.

It was usually placed between Bell and Acrolite Brass Models, which perhaps were used more in the studios.

A Few More Equipment Worth Having A Look At

ZildjianCymbals also play a very prominent and important role as far as the overall composition of music equipment of Dave Grohl are concerned. He seemingly has a special liking for Cymbals which are from the stables of Zildjian.

This is perhaps because they are able to do a fantastic job of replicating a unique and different bell sound which is from the ancient era. This coupled with a specially made effects crash of 20 inches well and truly create a mesmerizing impact.

Finally it would be pertinent to mention that he is one of the few who has a fascination also for toy drum kits. He would have liked to take it to the live road shows but it never happened because of some obvious reasons.

He liked the percussion output which it produced and he made it out of the ordinary by adding a wooden block. His wooden block even to this day bears the trademark black look and is sized uniquely to make it stand out.

Finally being the perfectionist, there is lot of importance being paid to tuning his entire drum kit. For this he uses the best of tuning techniques because he is a firm believer that each drum has a special sound and spot which should stand out.