DJ Controllers vs CDJ & Mixer


It goes without saying that we are living in a much transparent and open-minded world. Hence it would not be considered a sin if DJs were to mix CDJs with controllers. However, there could be some conventional minded people who might be dead against such mixing. But at the end of the day there is no doubt that there are some advantages when DJs decide to go in for CDJs and Mixers.

Hence it would not be a wrong thought if one decides to know more about DJ controllers versus CDJ & mixer. This is because there are some unmistakable pluses as far as the digital devices are concerned. Here are a few important points as to why these devices are important. We also will look at the reasons are so very sought after even by beginners DJs.

DJ Controller

dj-controllerIt just requires a few hundred dollars and any well configured laptop. With this it is very much possible to create a DJ setup which is well and truly world class and easily portable. Beginners especially can find lot of benefits using them when compared to CDJ and perhaps even mixers. This is because the entry cost is not very high and there are quite a few ready to use software applications like Traktor which can be very helpful for mixing jobs.

The learning process can be much faster. Further when compared to DJ the interfaces are very user friendly and not something that confuses and complicates beginners. It is not surprising when vinyl users and CDJ users often have a tendency to look down upon those who are using DJ Controllers, but things are changing quite fast. Furthermore when one buys the latest DJ Controllers they can make use of for creating special effects, samples and also layering of tracks quite easily. Therefore when it comes to creativity for beginners, DJ controllers are an obvious choice. However cheap and entry level DJ controllers are well and truly cheap in the form of ill looking buttons and poor quality of responses to commands.


cdjsThe biggest advantage with CDJs is that they can be operated without a laptop and therefore are simple to that extent. Usually they come in the form of two turntables and with the help of CDs and USB sticks one can load songs with the help of built in digital displays. They are also very good for those who are on the learning curve. When you perform using CDJs you will not be looking at the computer screen and so your interaction with the crowd can be much better.

Mixers And How They Work

mixersWhile the main job of CDJs and DJ Controllers is to load songs and play them back, in case of mixers the main task is to mix, monitor and cue the music that is being planned for a function. The mixer is a device by itself where the output devices are plugged. It helps as a source for mixing the input music and come out with something different keeping in mind specific needs and requirements of customers