Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review


Just a mere glance at any Les Paul guitar model is enough to send shivers down one’s spine, evocating memories of such all-time guitar heroes and icons such as Jimmy Page, Slash, Gary Moore, Duane Allman and many more.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar - MusicFutures

But that’s where the catch lies too, as you can find quite a few cheap knock-offs imitating the real deal. They’re easy on the eyes and just good enough too trick a beginner’s ear and voilà – a scam! Well, this Les Paul Standard is the real deal, the economy version of the iconic Gibson six-string, a bonafide killer axe used by pros and even some of the giants. Off to the full Epiphone Les Paul Standard review now.

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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Features

This classic electric six-string is a rock-oriented machine, featuring a set of Alnico Classic Humbucker pickups, a mahogany body with a maple top, a chunky rosewood neck to deliver massive power chords equipped with a 24.75-inch scale rosewood fretboard.

When mixed up with ebony color finish and chrome hardware, this axe shines, simply inviting you to jam along and rip some mean riffs.

Durability is at a pretty high level and factory settings are usually well set up. This Epiphone can take a decent beating and sustain a standard amount of regular minor damage caused by transport and frequent use without a hinge. It will stay strong, it will serve its purpose.

The guitar is available in three different color finishes – light Blue, ripping Black, and shiny classy Gold. All finishes come at a same price, it’s up to your personal preferences to take your pick.


The punch line says “Classic. Timeless. Legendary.”, and we have to say that the description is pretty spot-on. The sound of this guitar is raw, vibrant, and natural. It works best with a tube amp, delivering massive loads of unleashed power. If you know how to control such crunch and punch properly, you’re in for a hoot.

For the listed price, the included pickups are stunningly great and high quality. When plugged into a clean channel, the neck and rhythm pickup delivers a warm and thick bluesy tone with massive sustain that just lasts for an eternity. The bridge treble pickup on the other hand delivers a shining bright tone that works like a charm with a nice overdrive pedal and the aforementioned tube amp.

In a nutshell, what we have here is a Gibson Les Paul, economy version. And although an Epiphone will never match a Gibson, it will offer two times weaker sound at a five, six, or even eight or ten times lower price, and that’s a hot deal.

Pros-reviewWhat we like

Well now, we like quite a lot about this doll, don’t we now? We like the lean and mean tone, we like the affordable, budget friendly price tag, we like the killer looks, we like high durability, we like the fact that it utilizes parts typically associated with far more expensive instruments, and we like the mahogany wood.

But what we like the most has been pointed out in the previous paragraph – for 4 to 10 times less money, you will get a twice lower quality than the all-time titan of guitars, the legendary Gibson Les Paul.

Cons-ReviewWhat we don’t like

Despite many good sides, this is not a guitar for seasoned professional, the sound cannot and will not match a classic Gibson. But that’s kind of obvious, now isn’t it? It goes to show without saying that the masters will need to switch to a more expensive piece, but for intermediate and even advanced players, this baby is the real deal.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review – Conclusion

If you are a young rocker looking to enter the big league with a guitar worthy of pros, although not quite in the legends league, this is your axe, fine sir. A full-on rock tone with enough versatility to delve into the realms of blues and heavy metal, high durability, quality build and materials and even some top-notch hardware. It’s quite a mix, possibly the best guitar for young rock players money can buy. Highly recommended.


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  1. Any Les Paul is a good Les Paul is what I came to learn over the years.
    Even if they are Epiphone, they still provide great sound for the price, something very close to the real deal.
    If you are having second thoughts about buying this guitar, the only question I’d ask is – can you afford a Gibson? If not (or if you don’t want to spend that much money), go with this one, it’s great!

  2. Don’t forget people – Zakk Wylde, one of the greatest hard rock guitarists of all time, plays an Epiphone! Fun fact – Zakk actually wanted a vertigo on his signature guitar, not a bullseye:D