How to Get Into Music Production


Discover How to Get Into Music ProductionWhen entering the world of music production, as well as music in general, several things are to be considered. First and foremost, it’s a labor of love, and you can’t look at your mental, emotional and time investments the same way you might look at them at some other, more standard job, so to speak.

Music is a business where you might have to barely make ends meet for quite some time, so if you’re not doing something you love, you’re in for a bit of a pickle. However, the potential of the music realm is still great, and you can earn a heavy penny through it. So buckle up and check out our list of tips on how to get into music production.

Learn the Instruments

Learn the Instruments for music productionYou don’t have to be a master of every single instrument out there, but knowing how instruments work and how to play them is crucial in the production business. You need to know how to make them sound good, and that means you know how to play them.

To cover the basics, learn the piano for all-around coverage, but then focus on drums, which are always tricky to utilize, as well as acoustic and electric guitar and an electric bass. Depending on your preferences, you might want to shift into brass instruments as well, but your production style has a major role in that decision. There is also a matter of mastering the equipment, but more on that in one of the segments below.

Make and Record Music

Learn the instrumentThe next step would be to get some creativity fluids moving in your noggin and craft a nice little tune or two. Also, you need to record it. Basically, you need to know how the creative process goes in order to help your clients. You need to master the song structure, chord progressions, as well as learn from your own mistakes about what you should not do when recording music.

Speaking of which, early demo tapes are where it all starts, so don’t slack on those either. The most important thing is that the final outcome sounds good and resonates among the listeners, and that includes you too. It’s about the songs, remember?

Master the Technology

Master the TechnologyWhen you have the previous two steps covered, you need to get busy with the tech part. People often delve into buying expensive digital audio workstations (DAWs) thinking they will do the job, but they are ever so wrong. In ideal case, the DAWs will come as a necessity for you to get to the next level, rather than a starting point.

So, once that is out of the way, you might want to check out our guide on how to make your music sound professional for the best DAWs money can buy on today’s market. Learning how technology works can be a tedious endeavor, and requires dedication and patience for it all to come together. However, it’s hardly possible to work on music projects without sufficient DAW knowledge these days, hence you better adapt.

Master the Equipment

Master the music production Equipment - Musicfuteres.comThis one kind of goes along steps 1 and 2, but we’ll single it out since we’re talking about a fairly vast area known as equipment. Whether it’s those tiny microphones, medium or large sized mix tables, or chunky amps, there are so many details about these things that your head might explode. So once again, start reading manuals, watch tutorials, listen to what experienced producers have to say and learn from them, and most importantly – test them all the time. Record music on as many devices as possible, learn improvise, improve.


As this article clearly points out, if your question is “How to get into music production?”, the answer is quite complex, but it requires a lot of work. Arm yourself with patience and get ready to buckle up and do some heavy lifting. The world of music offers some lucrative opportunities, but only to those who are ready to dive in and give it all they got. Do you have what it takes?