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Although there are many quality guitars available on today’s market, but few qualify as classics. There aren’t a whole lot of behemoth guitars out there, but usually when you see one, you know that it’s a giant you have standing in front of you. Bringing forth the spirit of late great guitar titan Chat Atkins, that is exactly what this six-string is.

For our Gretsch USA Custom review segment, we’ve opted for G6122-1959 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Electric Guitar Walnut Stain, a killer guitar for all the jazz aficionados out there and just about anyone who can appreciate the subtlety and sonic greatness of a well crafter semi-hollow body guitar.

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Gretsch USA Custom Chat Atkins Signature Features

Needless to say, everything about this guitar screams class. It comes as a part of Professional Collection series, utilizing a high-end Country Gentleman shaped semi-hollow body made of maple with laminated maple back and laminated maple sides. The Chat guitar also features a slim, comfortable and very playable maple neck, along with a tremolo guitar bridge system, a set of TV Jones Classic Plus humbucker pickups in the electronic department.

The guitar has a longer scale length and utilizes a closed body. We point that out so you don’t get confused by the f-holes, as they are painted. The design and finish quality of this guitar pretty much deserve an article of their own, hence we’ll just note that the looks are gorgeous, and a mere glance at the product makes it clear why.

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In the sonic department, this baby is all about smooth sailing. The tone is bright and mellow, yet punchy enough to make those solo scale runs stand out. The low end department isn’t the most prominent one, although it is more than present in the final audio output, resulting in a well-rounded guitar sound.

The guitar is adaptable within its own style and niche, meaning that there’s quite a few pedals and amp it corresponds well with.  It’s lean and mean, but always stylish, just like Mr. Atkins would prefer. And since we are focusing on a signature guitar, it goes to show without saying that this is the guitar you want if replicating Chat Atkins’ sound is what is on your mind.

Pros-reviewWhat we like

To put it plain and simple – we like this guitar. The sound is one of the best jazz-fueled outputs you can get for the money, the looks are stellar, beautiful and classy, the durability is at a very high level, especially when taking into consideration that this is a semi hollow-body guitar. Same goes for reliability, as this six-string basically never malfunctions and can operate very well in all standard conditions.

Finally, the price is quite solid. Sure, it’s high, no need to hide that, but considering the quality you get, it is also very fair. Also, note that prices vary from seller to seller, meaning that you can get a real bargain if you dig enough. We left a link to a nice Amazon deal in the article, feel free to check it out.

Cons-ReviewWhat we don’t like

What might be considered as a turnoff to certain buyers is the fact that this guitar replicates the sound of another guitar player, a common trouble with signature six-strings. But that’s not exactly the case here, as this Gretsch USA custom only follows the path of Mr. Atkins to an extent, still leaving the player with enough freedom to venture into his own thing. So basically, if you’re not a fan, there’s probably another guitar that eagerly awaits your call.


The greatness of Chat Atkins will likely never be reached, but it is with this guitar that you get to feel a part of it and get a hold of that elusive signature sound. Everything about it is nothing short of high quality, making it one of the best jazz guitars money can buy in all price categories on today’s market. If you’re looking to make a serious investment and the given sonic description matches your desires and needs, this is a six-string whose purchase you cannot regret.

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