How Connect a Drum Set to a Computer


How Connect a Drum Set to a Computer

Connect a Drum Set to a ComputerThe easiest way is to use drums that have an included sound module that can be used withTD-3. TD-3 is a pair of stereo output, which is very useful in making such connections. You need to plug the stereo outs into your computer. A sound interface will be required. A Tasscam US-122l can be used as it works very effectively. If you do not have one, you will have to purchase it.

Sound interfaces are easily obtainable from electronic shops and online stores too. One will only cost you around $ 150. Tascam US-122 L operates via USB 2.0. hence, necessitates the need for a USB 2.0 interface Firewire or PCI. These formats must also be supported by your computer as if they are not, the connection is not going to work effectively. If you buy USB 1.0 for example, the interface will be very slow. The recording will consequently have a delay that will be quite easy to pick.

Tascam interface is sold together with its free software suite so you will not have to go through the pain of looking for one. The software may not be of very high quality, but is good enough to learn on. You might need to invest in more professional software in the future. This will however cost you some money.


If you follow this procedure correctly, and acquire the right materials as explained, you will easily learn how connect a drum set to a computer. You will enjoy a happy drumming session as you record the beat for future replay