How to Be a Better DJ

The secret of how to be a better DJ might be easier than you think, but there is only so far a guide can take you.


So you fancy the record-spinning business and you’d like to improve your skills? Nothing wrong with that! After years of experience with handling DJs and doing a bit of DJ work ourselves, we decided it’s high time to share some of the tips and tricks we’ve accumulated over the years.

The secret of how to be a better DJ might be easier than you think, but there is only so far a guide can take you. Ultimately, you’ll have to rely on your guts and instincts to create real magic. But before the magic, you might want to consider improving a few basic points. So, here goes!

Know your equipment

First and foremost, you will need to master the gear you are working with. There are many tools that can make your DJ performance stand out, and you will need to master them. To get there, you will need an inquiring mind and a desire to experiment.

Start accumulating plugins from the web and working out ways to implement them into your sets with maximum efficiency. You can start with the free tool, many of which are available online, and move up the ladder as you land more gigs and get to the position where you can afford serious software.

Additionally, you will need to dedicate your time to the hardware department and find the best way to utilize the equipment you’ve been offered, most notably the PA system and the music players. Knowing how to adjust the EQ properly and give the room you’re playing in the best sound is the key step before tweaking with the fancy tools, always keep that in mind.


Know your tunes

Another crucial step is to work on your song library. You need to sink in as much music as possible, and while you should enjoy the music and the entire experience of listening, you also need to constantly think about the environment that specific song works the best in, the crowd that will draw, the vibe that it will create.

It is only when you become a walking library of music that you will be able to truly master the craft of a DJ.

Think fast

Another thing you will absolutely have to work on is not just knowing the right song and the right effect to use, but the timing. When you’re out there, you need to constantly think ahead about the ways to entertain your crowd.

In addition to thinking fast, you will also need to grow a pair and not be afraid of dropping sudden changes and experiment live onstage. You can also invest your time into thinking ahead and practicing stuff you will do while DJing. Essentially, think ahead of the drops, song changes, effect shuffles and similar things.


Know your crowd

Apart from watching your tunes and tools, you will need to pay attention to the way the crowd reacts to the songs and overall vibe you’re giving them. Basically, before the party heats up, stir things up by playing stuff from different styles and genres, just to see how they react to various music. Pay attention what makes them tick and then work on ways to make them ecstatic with a clever mixture of hits and surprises.


Dynamics are the key

One of the main characteristics of a good show in any genre are good dynamics, everyone is aware of that. You can’t make your set pump out the blasting jams all the time, and you can’t make it just about the low-key build-ups either. You need to know for how long to keep things grooving, and when to cool things down a bit.

Also, even when you are pumping and grooving, you must know how to build up the groove and how to reach sonic climax. It’s called crescendo, look it up!

How to be a better DJ – Conclusion

And this brings us to the end of our journey together, young padawan. But you are only about to embark on a journey of your own, and delve into the intricate world of DJing head-on. Stick to the basics we gave you, but always be prepared to cast out the rules and ultimately forge your own path, that’s how all the greats have done it. But you’re not there yet, so get practicing!