How to Get an Endorsement Deal


When you’re a struggling musician, a proper endorsement deal is something that can have a life changing effect on your career. An endorsement can be a huge sign of appreciation and acceptance and a major driving force behind your musicianship and creativity.

But to get there, you will have to work oh so very hard. There are many steps to overcome and many requirements to fulfill before getting to the desired level. As the song goes, you can do things your way, but you need to do them nevertheless, meaning that the only place slacking can get you is nowhere. So, enough chit-chat, this is how to get an endorsement deal, read on, our beloved reader.


Get your chops together

The first thing you need to do is practice, son. If your chops aren’t on spot, no one will want to attach their brand to you, it’s really that simple. You have to be aware of the fact that you are working to get someone to associate their brand with you, and no one wants to associate themselves with a poor performance. So get your sound together and then we can talk.

Stand out

Stand out in every way. Work on your sound, both in technical and creative alleys. You need to have a distinguishable sound that people associate with you and you alone. Then, if enough people dig that sound that’s associated with you and you alone, someone is bound to get an urge to associate that sound with their brand, and that right there is how endorsement deals are born.

But as always, it’s not all about the sound, either. The song says that she’s got the looks, and so should you. Looking memorable is always a good thing, and we’re not talking just about looking pretty and buffed up. We’re only talking about being memorable to people. Folks stand out for their hair, their dress code, their top hats (you thought of Slash, didn’t you?), their body, their everything. If you have this, it will help you. But on its own, it’s not worth that much, so please refer to step 1 once again and make sure you have it well covered.

Work the internet

Needless to say, everyone is on the web these days, and you need to make sure you have a solid presentation of yourself and your work on the internet. So, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a pinch of SoundCloud, and your very own official site – these are the crucial ingredient you need to have properly worked out. Think about the creative ways to express yourself online and once again stand out above the crowd.

You can make YouTube videos, write blogs, or think of other creative means to express yourself through the power of your instrument. Put your thinking cap on, look deep inside and hope for the best.

Communicate, contact, inquire

communicateThe world is packed with talented people, and to grab the world’s attention, you must bring the world to yourself, and not wait for it to knock at your door. Therefore, you will need to search the web, and the offline world to find the right people, label representatives, brand representatives, music store representatives, and other similar folks to surround you.

You can’t really make it on your own, and even if it’s just one, two or three people you need to surround you, it is of absolutely utmost importance that you have the right one, two or three people or the whole thing might come crashing and burning down. And throughout the process, always communicate heavily with everyone involved.

How to get an endorsement deal – Conclusion

So if your question is “How to get an endorsement deal,” we hop that this article has provided you with at least some sort of useful insight of the grand process. There is only so much a guide can take you in the music world, and sooner or later you will have to go out on your own and fight for your place in the pantheon. Funnily enough, once you reach the big time, brands will fight to endorse you, only showing how funny the world can be. So good luck, young padawan, and may the force be with you!