How to get into a recording studio




You have written some great songs or even formed a band. You have also spent countless hours practicing and you feel the time has come for your music to get out there and receive airplay.

The question that remains, is how do you have your music recorded or rather how do you get into a recording studio? 

Few years back, your options could have been very minimal. Unless you had really good connections, your chances depended on creating a demo at a studio near you and hoping that the label would be convinced to sign you.

However, thanks to the digital age and the modern technology, as an independent artist, you have the ability to record songs of high quality for much less money. You now have several options even if you are on a modest budget.

Get signed by a label

record-labelsIf you have tenacity, connections, confidence and patience, this is the best route to get into a recording studio. You will need to have a demo to prove to the label that you are worth taking on board.

Once you get signed, the label will fund all your recording projects. You music will be done by a professional producer and equipment used will be some of the best.

Self funded recording in a studio

If you want your music to be highly competitive, it is advisable to record the full project in a studio. Recording studios charge different rates with smaller projects starting from $30 to $100 for those projects that require state of the art facilities.

If you find it challenging to raise the required finances for your project, you can use crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter.

Record on your own equipment

laptop-music-studioHome studios are slowly gaining popularity. With the power of digital technology, you can record high quality audio straight to your desktop computer or laptop.

You can also incorporate virtual sounding instruments to give your music more taste. This will cost much less compared to a full studio recording session.

Combine studio recording with home recording

Although you may have your own recording equipment at home, you may not have the necessary skills to produce polished music.

This is where professionals come in. the music you recorded at home will require project mixing, fine tuning or even better acoustic environment.

You will have the flexibility of recording your music at your own time and still access professional skills in the studio.

Notable Example

Beck recorded his album, The Morning Phase in his personal home studio. The album won a Grammy award for Album of the Year.


There are several ways you can get into a recording studio and have your music recorded. The option you take will mostly be determined by your budget and the resources you have.