How to Get Noticed in the Music Industry


So you’re a young, or not so young musical artist in pursuit of some attention from the music industry. Great, you’re one of the million people who are just like you in many ways. But that’s not good, isn’t it?

In order to get noticed in the music industry, there is a vast array of steps one can take. We’re often talking baby steps here, and we often mean a lot of stubbornness and driving your head against the wall. So, off to the first major point then!

Make Good Music

Black boy listening to music on headphones

Pretty darn obvious, isn’t it?! Yes, but also crucial to be said. You will get absolutely nowhere without at least some type of musical quality. Originality, resonance among listeners, quality production, quality hooks, diversity, or even better – all of those. You need a quality product as a foundation, you need a good recording and you need a good performance. Your songs are who you are as an artist, and without quality stuff you will not get noticed.

Know to Play Live

Another basic step – you need to know how to deliver your music live properly. Depending on the vibe of your music, there are various ways to perform live, but the key lies in the fact that you should spread the message and energy you previously attempted to convey via studio recordings. If that requires loads of showmanship, so be it; if that requires zero showmanship, so be it again.

Perform as Much as Possible

Perform as Much as Possible - Music futuresSmall clubs, low pay, poor conditions aren’t excuses. They are in extreme cases, of course, but in most cases they aren’t. It’s better to gain some attention, even if in front of dozen people, than no attention at all, and the same principle applies for earnings and concert experience.

Also, consider this – we live in the era of information, a time when it takes a second for information to travel across just about every corner of the world. All you need is information people care about and their attention will be yours. And if you’ve followed the first two steps, there is absolutely no reason for that piece of information not to be you.

Just think about it – all you need is one person to record you, even cell phone footage is quite nice these days. People have an uncontrollable urge to record and share things they like, so as long as steps one and two are covered, you don’t even need a full club, the bartender can record you.

Proper Online Presence

Many people neglect their online presence, although the numbers are decreasing at a decent rate. You need to have an official site, but use it as more of a business card than anything else. This is a presentation of yourself and a compact way to introduce someone to your work, nothing more and nothing less.

Then – Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, maybe Instagram, and definitely YouTube. Learn about these tools and how to utilize them, each deserves an article of its own and each can turn out to be your breaking point.

Contacts + Press Releases

Contacts + Press Releases - Music futuresYou need to know how to grab the attention of fans, but also the attention of media. There are many ways to garner the attention of media, some cost more, others cost less.

It’s down to your talent to write concise and well-written press releases in many ways. If you see a bit of a journalist in yourself, then by all means proceed to do your thing. But remember – conciseness is the absolute key.


This brings us to an end of our little journey down the realm of musical industry. In a nutshell, you need to embrace the time you live in, that’s what every great artist did. Explore, experiment, express, that’s all you have to do. Do it right, and you will resonate among the hearts of people.

But embracing goes for other concepts, such as information, connectivity and all other clever features of the 21st century. Balance them right, find the proper mix and you are on your way to musical success.