How to Make a Great Song


How to make a great song? Now that’s a million dollar question right there! Would you like the meaning of life to go along with that, a nifty two in one pack?! Just kidding, it is a pretty legitimate question actually.

There are a few relatively objective guidelines we can give you, but the majority of this journey will see you trekking the uncharted waters of the musical realm on your own, finding your way in the dark and hopefully finding the light. Anyhow, make sure to check out the tips we have for ya in the rundown below!

Pour your heart out


Be honest, plain and simple. You cannot write a good song without expressing yourself in an honest manner. We don’t even mean just the lyrical content, the instrumentals are equally important and equally capable of conveying the emotion you’re trying to express.

If you fake it, especially these days, the crowd will know, and they will bury you. And once you’re buried, it will become increasingly difficult to get back on track, so keep that one in mind as well.

Search for inspiration

Now in order to pour your heart out, you will need inspiration. And to be inspired, in most cases at least, you need to live a little. So if you’re spending too much time in front of the computer and doing uninspiring things cocooned up in your lair, there is a very good chance that a genuine moment inspiration will not strike you, ever.

So go out there, and expose yourself to the world (not literally, you maniac!), meet people, try things, strive towards your goals and dreams and do your best at life. Don’t really think about music, just keep in mind that lightning might strike any time, meaning that you should always keep an instrument or a recording tool around.

Song first, technicalities later


This goes for every musician, whether we’re talking about instrumentalists or vocalists. We know that you are very eager to demonstrate your technical prowess to the world, but in your burning desire to show off, you are very likely to delve into the realm of bad taste and even utter dullness.

Therefore, always place the song itself at the very forefront of your priorities. Does it groove, does it deliver emotion, does it do what it is supposed to be doing? If the answer is no, well, you’re in a bit of a pickle then, because your work is very much rendered useless in that case. It’s all very simple really, just be honest with yourself.

Know when to stop, and when to ask for help


We live in a day and age where there are so many musical tools available at your disposal. You could spend a lifetime just listening through all the sound effects and samples from a single audio workstation software tool, let alone utilizing all of them in actual musical pieces. So much like in every walk of life, filtering abilities become greatly appreciated. You need to know what to filter out, what to use, and to which extent.

Additionally, do not hesitate to ask for help. The song and the overall expression is your baby, and solely your piece of work, no one is trying to deny that, but to get that emotion and expression out, you might need a help of a good producer, a good sound engineer, a good player, or a good vocalist. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when it is needed. Truth be told, if you consult and get in touch with the right people, you can only get better, or even far better results, so choose your collaborators wisely.

Conclusion – How to make a great song

We have steadily reached the point where you are to set off on your own, young song master. Use these points wisely, but the remainder of this journey is all about you expressing yourself. There are many ways to make a great song, but none of them is to fake things, and each and every right path requires you to present your actual self and your musical expression.

Therefore, no more computer, get out there, feel the inspiration surging through your body, and show us what you got, dude!