How to Make Music for Video Games


So you are a musician who happens to be interested in delving into the world of video games? That is awesome! Video games are a very, very strong industry these days, an industry you could easily compare to the height of music business back in the day. Therefore, finding your way into the biz as a musician is quite a smart move.

So in this brief guide we’ll point out a few steps that you should stick to, and a few options to consider on how to make music for video games. As it always goes in the world of music, you have to know that a guide can only take you so far, and that the majority of this trek will see you forging your own way alone. Anyhow, check out the goods below.

Learn to absorb the ambiance

First and foremost, you will need to know how to sink in the game’s ambiance and overall vibe and translate that to music. Learning how to express different states or emotions through music is no mean feat, meaning that this step alone could take years to master.

Therefore, always keep in mind that any music knowledge you are gaining should have a practical application. If it is some scale, or a new instrument, or a new production trick, always keep in mind that it should have a practical implementation you could utilize.

After that, watch the game closely. Does it have a rock vibe? Is it mean? Is it mellow? Strong? Weak? Intense? You need to name the proper feeling of the given moment and find a theme that matches it. This requires not just the knowledge of melody, but also knowledge of instruments and sound in general. Prepare to be versatile, which brings us to the next step.

Master multiple instruments

You can’t express the vibe of every single moment of every single game on one or two instruments, now can you? Therefore, you will need to get a grasp of a variety of tools. And we don’t mean you should go and learn how to play each and every one of them, but there are various tools and digital audio workstations that pack many instruments.

So all you have to do is master songwriting and several instruments, with piano preferably being among them, and then delve into these massive libraries of sound in pursuit of ways how to enrich the sonic experience.


Know your production

In the era of technology we live in, the role of producer has grown from important to absolutely crucial. In many ways, it is the producer who shapes the vibe of a recording, and since atmosphere is a crucial element of video game music, you will have to know how to utilize production and recording skills, as well as all the studio tweaks and music effects.

To get better at producing, single out a digital audio workstation of your choice and get busy with it. And how do you get busy with it? Record, record, record – that is the answer. Create music, lay down tracks, and work on making them better. It is really as simple as that. Needless to say, always keep your ears – and mind – open.


Be a gamer

It doesn’t harm to know the games in order to make music for them, not at all. If you experience games, you just might learn how gaming music works, and which tricks to apply in different surroundings. However, you shouldn’t get addicted to video games and neglect music, either. So, get a few games, start playing, and keep your eyes peeled for the musical aspect, and what could be musically done to improve the atmosphere.

2107233790_1397507306Conclusion – How to make music for video games

We have steadily reached the end of our journey here. It is now up to you to find the magic formula and create some amazing music. These steps are something you should most definitely stick to if you want to learn how to make music for video games, but there are many avenues to go into, and many other ways to score success. None of them is easy, though, so prepare to get busy and truly delve into the world of music. Get buy now!