How to Play Guitalele


So, there’s this fairly new thing out there known as the guitalele. You might have heard of it, and we have to say that it’s a very cool instrument worth of your attention.

We’ll provide you a detailed set of information on how to tackle and conquer this mean little machine, but also clarify any potential questions about what a guitalele is. Is it worth your time? Should you buy it? Where to buy it? All will be clarified with our How to Play Guitalele guide, so read on.

Please note that this article already assumes you have a certain degree of knowledge in guitar playing

What Is a Guitalele?

How to Play GuitaleleA guitalele is a hybrid of a classic guitar and a ukulele. It sports a size equal to 1/4 of a classical acoustic guitar, along with all the tonal possibilities of a ukulele. As for the guitar aspect, the instrument features a total of six strings, but utilizes a non standard guitar tuning of A D G C E A, equal to a standard tuning transposed to A, or a classic guitar with a capo on the fifth fret.

How to Play Guitalele – Get Acquainted With the Size

What Is a GuitaleleThe first thing you need to get familiar with is the instrument’s size. As noted, we are talking one quarter of guitar size, and that applies to every aspect and domain. Essentially, it’s a mini guitar. So first of all, the body is much smaller and requires you to hold the instrument in a completely different manner than the six-string.

You should place a guitalele much closer to your chest and readjust your strumming hand on the right side of the instrument rather than on top.

Secondly, there’s the matter of the neck and the overall fret size. Guitalele utilizes much narrower frets that take time getting used to. You need to learn how to hold the chords by following the basic two guidelines – One – go gently on the frets. The strings are thinner that guitar strings and there is no need to press that hard.

Two – work on your finger elastics. The frets are smaller, leaving you with less space to maneuver and less space to be imprecise. The patterns remain the same, though.

The Sound

One of the most prominent features of the guitalele is its sound. It lies much more on the side of a ukulele than on the side of a guitar. Essentially, what we have here is a ukulele adapted for guitar players, so if a ukulele sound packed in a convenient package for guitar players is what you need, a guitalele is the deal you’ve been searching for.

The strings are different on a guitalele and have a sort of a fluffy and open sound, significantly different that the sound of guitar strings. Whether you like this or not is now a matter of taste – try it and you will see how much it suits you.

Switching From Guitar to Guitalele – Tips

Switching From Guitar to GuitaleleIf you were wondering whether the transition from a guitar to a guitalele, the answer is both yes and no. On one hand, all the chords are pretty much there, the positions are almost identical and many things are similar.

On the other hand, the size really matters in this case, meaning that even the most skilled guitarists will need a few hours to get used to the instrument.

So a word of advice for switching to guitalele – play your guitar by not using the low E string at all. This will significantly help you to grasp the idea of having the A string as your lowest string. Then it’s all about conquering the size aspect, and for that you will need an actual guitalele.

How to Play Guitalele – Conclusion

And that about wraps up our brief guide on how to play guitalele. We can say without a hint of doubt that this is an instrument that will expand your musical knowledge and overall grasp of the music spectrum. Therefore, we highly recommend giving it a go. Buy a guitalele today, bring some extra fun into your life.


  1. As a guy who likes to rip up a guitarlele from time to time, I think that the tips for switching between instruments are the most useful bit of this piece. The “not using E string” tip actually works really well and it’s funny how I never thought of it, though I only play this little guy every once in a while. But it’s a great bit of fun and I highly recommend it!