How to Start a Cover Band


The beginning of just about any musical journey starts with a spark of inspiration. Then, we have the purchase of one’s first instrument. And then, in rock and heavy metal environments in particular, we have one’s very first band, and that group tends to be a cover act in the majority of cases.

To get started with a band and actually last, prosper, advance, and progress, you should keep in touch with quite a few factors that can impact your musical journey. We did our best to sum ’em all up and offer you a concise guide on how to start a cover band. Do check it out below!

Don’t be afraid to ask, don’t be afraid to offer your services

You need to be communicative to get a band going. You need to ask people if they are interested, you need to find out where to find musicians, where to practice, and all that jive. Use the internet as much as possible, and never hesitate to communicate.

Meet the guys


If you want to get the band really going, things have to click with your band mates. So, if you want to get someone in your band, talk to them, jam with them, meet them, and only then you will know if you have the right person for the job.

Talk about your musical taste, about why you got into music, personal aspirations, and similar topics. Then, the time will come to see the chops, and you better shine.

Know your chops

If you want to start a band, not join one, your chops and skills will have to be solid. If you are looking for the position of a band leader, you can’t be that guy who plays weak guitar or sings poorly, you have to lead the way and set the bar for the rest to follow. Otherwise, the gang just might get lazy and the whole thing might implode, or even worse, you might get the boot from the very band you founded.

Be professional

When it comes to cover bands, you can’t really afford any rock star behavior whatsoever. No one is yearning for your presence, you are no Axl Rose, and rthis means that you have to be on time, and that you have to be at least somewhat professional. Sure, have fun, but know your chops, be on time, keep a tight sound, and offer an entertaining performance.

Cover band

Work on your contacts

Cover bands don’t have original material to boast, which makes them significantly easier to run and operate. This also increases competition, meaning that apart from the chops, looks, vibe, showmanship and professionalism, you will also need some strong contacts to pave the way. So, this brings us to the matter of having good communication skills – you need to bug club owners, promoters and similar folks to notice your band and get some gigs.

Perform as much as possible

You know what they say – a band practice is 10 times more efficient that a house practice, and an actual gig is 10 times more efficient than a band practice. Efficient for what? For improving yourself as a musician. Nothing beats the good ole trial by fire method, and this means that the only way to learn to be a good performer and a musician is to gig, gig, gig.

Offer the whole package


You goal should always be to offer the big deal to people, and give them genuine entertainment. So, quality technical skills, soulful and honest performance, a pinch of showmanship, and plenty of good vibes. Always work on yourself, and never neglect a single part of the equation – now that would be the only way to actually make things work.

Conclusion – How to start a cover band

And we have steadily reached the end of our journey here! So, to start a cover band, you need to keep in mind each of the points presented in our guide. But as always, it is music we are talking about here, and there are many other possibilities and options you can take, but you will have to find them out on your own.

So start playing, start contacting people, work, work, work, and you just might end up with a killer band. Practice time!