How To Stop A Condenser Mic From Noise/Hissing When Recording?


You turn on your condenser mic and recording equipment, you recorded the things you need to do and you playback the record. Then you noticed something that bothers you to the bone. There is a hissing noise in your recording. Maybe you did something wrong, and you did the whole thing again. However, the hissing noise is staying and it seems it’s not going away on its own.

Such scenario is common for people who try to do a recording. All wants’ to know how to get rid of it. So, how do you know how to stop a condenser mic from noise/hissing when recording? If you want to know the answer to the question, then you might want to read on.Hissing_waveform

Where Is That Coming From?

There are a number of reasons why your recording contains a hissing sound. If you only know the specific source of the problem, then fixing it would be easy. Yet, the more complicated your recording setup, the more problematic it is to find the specific cause as there are many variables involved.

No matter how complicated your setup gets, the fundamental idea is the same – isolate the problem and find the solution.

The hissing problem may come in either the equipment, electrical or environment.Condenser Mic From Noise

* Equipment – depending the kind and quality of your condenser mic, it could be the source of the hissing problem. It could be that your mic is defective. The best way to know for sure it to borrow a condenser mic from a friend, and test it on your setup.If the hissing sound disappears, then you have a defective mic. If it’s possible, you can ask the retailer to lend you a different one, and this is another way of testing if it’s the mic is the problem.

If you find that the mic is causing the problem, then you simply need to replace it.

* Electrical – another cause of the hissing sound is electrical system of the recording. Suppose to be, the cable that attaches your mic to the recording or computer protects the system from picking-up outside noises. However, when it gets defective, it’s possible for the cables to pickup other sounds. Try using a different cable to see if the hissing sound dissapears.

Another cause is the mic input where you plug your jack. It could be defective, and the contact would produce the hissing noise. Try replacing the mic input if possible.

* Environment – it’s also possible for the condenser mic to pickup noises that is coming out from the recording room, like a fan. You might not hear it as human ear is only limited to hearing certain frequencies. Try shutting every electrical equipment in the recording room (except the ones you need for recording), and try to soundproof the room as much as possible.

Try This First

You could easily remove the hissing sound, if it’s coming from an external source by altering the settings. You could go to the settings and lowering the mic input volume. By doing so, this should block-out all the external sound, including the hissing sound. You might also want to speak, play or sing louder to compensate for the lower mic input volume.

Another thing you can try are software designed to minimize the hissing sound by optimizing your settings. There are plenty to choose from, so pick the on that you like to try.

A hissing sound from your mic can be caused from different sources. The hissing sound could be coming from the environment, electrical equipment, recording equipment and environment. Try your best to isolate the problem and fix it. However, you might want to start with altering the settings as it’s the easiest thing to do, and it usually solves most hissing problems.