How to Write a Hook for a Rap Song


Rap music is all about the lyrical expression, but many performers tend to forget that the rhythmical and melodic aspect are also a crucial aspect of getting your message heard through the power of rap. So right now, we’ll assume that you know how to deliver a rap verse or two, yet you struggle to pack a chorus, or a hook.

To do so, you will have to focus just on a few basic criteria. We’ll detail them in the rundown below, but that would only be the very beginning of your musical journey. The rest of it will see you running on your own through the uncharted waters trying to find the light.

Keep it simple


Even if you have a lot of things to say, you have to find a way to express it in the most concise way. And we’re not just referring to today’s society of low attention spans, that’s really how it’s always been – the things that made significant difference were often easy to grasp, yet unbelievably effective and on point.

Therefore, you should always work on gathering many ideas, but heavily filter them at the same time and keep only the ones you consider to be the best and most authentic to the message you are trying to convey to the listener.

Mind the melody

Pretty much the main ingredient of a hook in any musical genre is the melody. Whether it’s a vocal melody or an instrumental one, you will need to sort out all the details, in terms that you are accompanied by a proper set of chords and backing instruments. It might seem unimportant in rap music, but it’s actually overlooked.

Take a good listen to some of your all time favorites and you will very likely notice that a major part of that vocal hook is a properly sorted out melody and the instrumental segment. To master the melody you might want to consider learning an instrument, preferably a piano. It may not be gangsta or all that jive, but knowing how to convey something from your mind onto an instrument can make a world of difference.


Mind the rhythm, the groove too

When you rap, you create a certain groove and rhythm with your delivery, but having a backing rhythm track can elevate that to the new level, the level of a bonafide rap hook. So consult your local or online beat master about how to utilize the best beat for your rhymes and melodies. A mere shift of a main beat line can be a difference between a hook and a flop, so please always bear that in mind.

Be inspired


Regardless of the style, musical genre, personal preferences and all that jive, there is one thing you can tell each and every artist in this world – find inspiration, the proper kind. You cannot make art without inspiration, and in most cases – you cannot be inspired unless you experience life.

So go out there, expose yourself to the world and see what it will give you. Good or bad, pretty or ugly, you will need to use what the world throws upon you and craft it into a work of expression, a piece of art if you like.

Needless to say, sitting behind a computer is not the way to acquire genuine inspiration, as one cannot feel it cocooned in his home. So get out there, the world awaits you, but it will move on in a flash if you don’t care to walk out.

Conclusion – How to write a hook for a rap song

Remember that point where you go on your own into the uncharted waters. Well, this is it. We hope that the advice we gave you was of good use and that it will serve you well in years to come. But now, you have to work on your chops, as there is only so much that online guides can do. Only then will you truly learn how to write a hook for a rap song.

The crucial step would be to get off that computer and delve into life in pursuit of inspiration. Only when you have found it will you be able to truly deliver. Get going now!