iSolo Unveils Wireless Guitar Mic System – Our Review


iSolo is the first and the smallest wireless microphone, designed for musical instruments and particularly guitars in order to enable guitarists to pick up great natural sounds during song recording and live performances.

It comes with thoughtful features and is a device any acoustic guitarist will cherish having.

Small and Compact- This device is tiny, which makes it portable but despite that, it integrates well with complex systems and is really user-friendly. In addition to that, it reduces wear and tear and enhances sound quality with the use of just one button.

No installation– Once you attach it, you are good to go and you do not have to worry about residue because it comes with a magic carpet. What’s more, once you set the tone, it will stay finely tuned.

Other highlights

  • Inbuilt high resolution ADC and preamp.
  • Two latency modes.
  • No permanent modification.
  • Flexible goose neck.
  • Can be paired to phones and computers.

iSolo is currently funded on Indiegogo and you can order either a full package for $349 or a recording package for $199. You can visit the iSolo indiegogo page for more information.