PRS SE 245 Review

Paul Reed Smith Guitars 245TS SE 245 Electric Guitar - Review

Paul Reed Smith, or PRS, is a very peculiar company in an awesome way. It does not have a household name status of Fender, Gibson or Marshal, yet they are one of the strongest guitar companies in the world today in terms of quality. Team PRS is one of the top innovators of the sonic realm these days and their products deserve your full attention by all means.

And right now we’ll focus on one of their true gems, one of the cheapest guitars that will give you the sound you thought was unreachable, if properly utilized of course, which means that this is a guitar for skilled players and not really beginners. Therefore, without any further ado, we present you the PRS SE 245 review, check out the six-string below.

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Paul Reed Smith Guitars SE 245

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The guitar utilizes a high-end mahogany body with a neat maple top, a wide flat, comfortable and very playable mahogany neck with a 24.5 inch scale, as well as a classic rosewood fret-board with a total of 22 frets and very stylish and sleek bird inlays.

In the electronic department, the six-string features a set of Special SE soapbar pickups that deliver a very strong sound output., a three-way toggle switch and individual tone and volume controls for each if the pickups. Also included in the mix is the PRS designed stoptail bridge and a set of standard tuners. Note that the case is sold separately and therefore not included in the price.

We’d also like to point out that the price can vary quite a bit from seller to seller, so keep your eyes peeled for the right deal.

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Very versatile would be a proper description. The guitar provides a very strong and clear audio output to provide a great sonic foundation for any direction you might want to take. On its own, the guitar is a top-notch instrument, but it is when you combine it with the remainder of your favorite gear, most notably the amp and pedal effects, that things really take shape.

You can make this one a gentle melody maker of jazz, or a roaring strummer for full-on metal madness, the choices are really wide, you simply need to know what you want to present yourself and the audience with.

Pros-reviewWhat we like

We like the massive versatility, we like the sound quality, we like the strong signal. We also love how guitar pretty much cannot disappoint. You can always adjust it to a tone that you like and it will always deliver it with full-blown power. We like the price as it matches the quality to a tee in most cases and even goes way below what you’d expect in some cases.

The design is classic PRS, which would mean modern, gorgeous, elegant, shiny, sly, sleek and subtle, so we like that as well. Finally, we like how the guitar follows the latest technological trends and delivers some mean components on the inside.

Cons-ReviewWhat we don’t like

There isn’t really a whole lot of things not to like here. Perhaps that lack of brand character might be a downer for some users. As noted in the intro, PRS don’t have that brand recognition of Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster, or a Gibson SG, so if you’re looking for that instant attention-grabber, the PRS might take some time to accustomed to.

But as far as build quality, components, and sound are considered – no complaints that we can think of.

PRS SE 245 Review – Conclusion

Regardless of your style, regardless of your esthetic preferences, this is a guitar that will not stand idle in your collection. You can be a mellow jazz dude or a full blown metalhead, and this six-string will still draw your attention with quality sound and unique features.

Just a brief session with this baby will do to explain to you why PRS guitars are universally praised by six-string aficionados around the globe. There’s no criteria here, if you play guitar, this is a product you cannot regret purchasing. A major thumbs up from us.

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  1. PRS is the savior of the guitar world! Screw Gibson who went astray and boo to Fender for deteriorating. PRS is the way to go! Do you know that just about every guitar company out there is owned by either Gibson or Fender (Jackson even!)? Well, PRS is independent, and they rule!

  2. Ah yes the trusty free birds of mine! The most versatile guitar in the market this one is, and it still packs tons of soul, amazing feat if you ask me. Paul is a wonder maker, he really deserves all the kudos he gets these days