A Review of One Suprisingly Great Little Bluetooth Speaker


Small speakers may not be the first choice for those in search for the best gadget to play their favorite music. It often means getting tinny sounds or a rattling unit within a cheaply made speaker, not to mention a waste of time and money. 1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

This is where the 1byone portable bluetooth speaker review comes in, for many are surprised on how this little speaker’s size is dwarfed by the massive features it holds. It’s one of the few good speakers that will let you truly appreciate music as you listen to it without worries, only on top of everything else that comes with it!

Modern Design

Express your own style, anywhere you go. The sleek, contemporary design renders a speaker that’s suitable for use in any environment. The 1byone portable bluetooth speaker perfectly blends in with home furnishings, fits on the bedside, under the TV, and in your bathroom.

The speaker looks and feels great, with the unit formed in a stylish oval bar shape which has been coated in a black soft-touch TPU material. This matte finish exhibits a rubbery texture that feels robust, and doesn’t pick up scratches nor fingerprints. Having a good grip somehow gives you a slide proof speaker that’s likewise shock resistant to a degree.

High-Sensitivity Controls

Circles in varying shapes are embossed onto the top of the bluetooth speaker, with the four responsive controls seamlessly incorporated and well-positioned right at the center.

Each button acts as the power on/off, play/pause, track skip and volume controls which you simply have have to tap to skip or hold down to adjust the volume.

Sound Quality

HD Sound executes stellar sound quality, being mixed with the effect of a subwoofer. The Ultra-Bass-Booster works to delivering a heavy bass that remains well-balanced and maintains a clear sound.

For some, the 1byone speaker may still slightly lack bass, but for the price you pay? It’s enough to give depth to music and allows the volume to be cranked up without noticeable distortion, giving you beautiful music more than what you’d expect!

IPX5 Standard

1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker waterproof reviewBoasting of an IPX5 rating, as long as your speaker isn’t submerged then it will work fine for indoor and outdoor use. It will be protected from water jets and low pressure water stream coming from any angle.

Go on on your cycling, camping, hiking, and travel plans and overcome the possibility of just a little rain getting in the way.

Battery Power

This black speaker doesn’t eat through loads of expensive batteries! Instead, it contains a long-lasting 1500 mAh rechargeable battery which grants up to 8 hours of uninterrupted music on a full charge.

Multi-function Speaker

The 1byone portable speaker comes with a built-in microphone which paves the way for phone call functionality in a small bluetooth speaker, and no issues on being heard during calls would be encountered.

Whether you’re looking for a bluetooth device or a good speaker to use, you’ll hit two birds in one stone with this plug and play speaker which comes with a wire if you prefer to use it this way. The micro USB cable ports and audio jack at the rear are useful if you wish to connect a non-bluetooth device.


1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker bluetoothPairing the 1byone bluetooth speaker is straightforward and you can bet you can have it connected and pumping out tunes in mere seconds.

Connect to your favorite bluetooth-enabled device– phone, tablet, MP3 player or PC, via Bluetooth or by using the included 3.5 mm line-in cable for direct playback.


The compact size with relatively ideal weight, plus the attached handle or the thick cord tied to one end makes the speaker easily portable. You can conveniently carry it around, hold it firmly in your hand or wrap around your wrist, and hang it in the shower or anywhere you want.

Some customers have gone over by testing it physically, claiming that they’ve dropped and thrown it around to test the shockproof claim! The result? Their 1byone portable speaker turned out fine.

This example we wouldn’t want to follow, but knowing it can withstand such thing lets you break-free from any worry on your way to a great adventure.


A small unit yet great in features, from overall build to sound quality to the added convenience of portability, connectivity, functionality, altogether packaged at the right price.

The 1byone portable bluetooth speaker delivers the power of a big speaker that comes with endless listening enjoyment for those who dare to experience it, outdoors, in the shower, or anywhere they long for some good music.