Roland SP404SX Review

Roland SP404SX Review

When it comes to samplers, Roland stands out as a company that has always been delivering top-notch efforts in bringing the electronic vibe into the world of guitar driven music.

And when we talk about fair priced quality sounding devices of this niche, it is almost impossible not to mention the SP404SX model.

This device stands out as a stellar mixture of quality, durability, and fair pricing. It is also globally renowned for its versatility and giving players an ability to craft their distinctive sound and vibe with great ease.

All you have to do is invest your time into this fella and the results are bound to come. But more on that later, let’s dig into this SP404SX review now!

Roland SP404SX Review

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The device utilizes a rich set of 29 DSP effects, including delay, subsonic, looper, unique voice effects, filter, and more. By using the on board microphone, you can easily sample anytime, anywhere. The device can work by using battery power, allowing you full independence from the confinements of a studio or your local music venue.

Also included in the mix is a set of three control knobs for sound adjustments, a Sub Pad for rapid repeat triggering, as well as 12 trigger pads. The product was built using great ingenuity, allowing seamless operation and maximum efficiency. Among other notable features, we would like to single out the device’s pattern sequencer with the so called “quantize” mode, and a whole new set of shuffle feels.

Also included in the price is a single 1 GB SD memory card. The sample storage can be further expanded up to 32 GB via SDHC.

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The sound of this fella is what you make of it. Whether you want organic, digital, raw or heavily processed sound is a matter of your personal taste and preferences, but what this item allows you is to express those emotions and turn them into work of music, which is indeed quite awesome.

Apart from being easy to use, this device will stimulate you with its ability to process every sound you offer it in a best way possible. This was made possible thanks to 16-bit linear sampling and an improved set of DSP effects.

What we also like very much is how smooth FX switching is, as well as the versatility of the pattern sequencer.


What We Like

We like a lot of things here. First and foremost, we like the sound quality. This was detailed in the previous paragraph, and we can round up the sonic segment with the following two terms – high-quality and versatile.

What we also like is the value for money, which is indeed stellar. We can guarantee that you can make professional samples and high quality music on this device, yet it is highly portable and amazingly light. And you can do that at an incredibly low price.

Roland is known for the ability to make the budget cuts at all the right places and present products that deliver top quality with cheap price tags, and this item serves as one of the top examples.

Finally, we like the sleek design. The device is modern and elegant, which serves as the perfect cherry on top of this lovely cake.


What We Don’t Like

If we were to make suggestions, we’d say that this fella could use a tad more operating room. It’s easy to use, that’s for sure, but it could be easier.

A bit larger displays definitely would not be of any harm, but once again, we really feel like we can’t complain with the listed price tag. For this budget range, you’re looking at the top model.

Conclusion – SP404SX Review

In conclusion, we are left with no choice but to give this item a major thumbs up. The manufacturer has really nailed the mixture of features, pricing and durability, reaching the point where Roland made one of the top samples of the given niche and price range.

We definitely think that this is an item worth checking out, an item that will serve you well for quite some time.

But it does require one special thing from you, and that would be creativity. So order one today and start working on your sampling skills as soon as possible!