Shure SM 7 B Review


If you are new to the world of studio engineering, you will of course need a proper recording mic to suit your needs. We are starting with an assumption that you are NOT swimming in cash here, and that you will need the absolute best value for money.

Well, you’re in luck, because the market has indeed developed to the point where affordable products can deliver an outstanding performance, and one of the items that truly hits the soft spot in every way imaginable is the Shure SM 7 B.

This is a stellar studio recording microphone for the listed price, and a highly versatile tool. In our opinion, if you are running a professional or home studio on a budget, it’s not possible to run it properly without an SM7B, at least in our book. Now, off to the Shure SM7B review!

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Versatility is the word of the day here, and everything about this mic seems to be crafted to serve multiple purposes, allowing equal recording quality of both vocals and a vast array of instruments.

It utilizes a flat, wide-range frequency response that secures an outstandingly clean and natural reproduction of both vocal and musical performance. The mix also includes the Bass roll-off feature and controls for mid-range emphasis, or the so-called presence boost, all with a graphic display of the desired response setting.

Other notable marks include an improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, which was reached through optimized shielding against broadband interference emitted by studio or computer monitor speakers. The mic is connected to a very effective pop filter that works like a charm on its own and reduces any need for extra add-on protection to a zero, even when we talk about close-up performance.

On the outside, the item is available with an A7WS detachable windscreen crafted for reducing plosive sounds and giving a warmer tone. The yoke mounting makes the mic quite easy to use, while the remaining outside features include a foam winscreen, close-talk windscreen, and a locking yoke mount. This is a strong item with high durability and reliability, perfectly capable of sustaining a punch or two.

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In the sonic department, we are looking at a well-rounded show, which is something you could have expected from a versatile tool like this one. You can expect quite thick low-mids, boosted by a solid presence bump, all while retaining an agreeable proximity effect. From an engineer’s point of view, this sound like the perfect mixture.

Additionally, the off-axis noise rejection feature we have mentioned turns this fella into a top choice for live room recording, an environment in which a condenser mic would cause too much of the so-called bleed.


What We Like

We like everything we have listed thus far. We love the value for money, we love the versatility, we love the sound quality.

This is a mic you cannot go wrong with. Even if you have a high-end studio, it’s nice to have this Shure in hand, and if you’re on more of a strict budget, the SM7B is a genuine life saver.


What We Don’t Like

In this section – a bit of a tip or a warning you could say, and a slight remark. First off, we very much recommend combining this mic with a 60 dB gain pre-amp in order to get that desired sonic level. We say this because the majority of computer audio interfaces that feature on-board mic pre-amps have only about 30 or 40 dB of gain.

Additionally, this is obviously not intended to be a hand held mic. So if you are among musicians who need to hold the mic in their hands while recording to deliver the maximum performance, this mic won’t be that ideal. Sure, you can still hold it, but it might feel a tad odd.

Shure SM7B Review – Conclusion

Overall, we can once again asses that we are dealing with one of the best cheap mics in the world. And we don’t mean cheap in a bad way, we mean a tool you can genuinely use for quality music production at an affordable price.

The manufacturer obviously put long hours into this project to make everything work, and obviously got all the ingredients right. Within the listed price range, we honestly can’t thing of a better product. Highly recommended!