Songs with best drum beats


For a long time now, drummers have been an asset in the composition and execution of various styles in different genres of music.

The field has evolved over time, with great beats rising every day to take the place of old ones.

Here is a look at some songs that featured unforgettable drum beats:

1. All Nightmare Long by Metallica

All-Nightmare-Long-by-MetallicaThis drum beat was one of the most intricate in its day, and modern-day professionals have hardly been able to replicate its sophistication.

The mastermind behind the drumming was the one and only Lars Ulrich.

2. Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin

Moby-Dick-by-Led-ZeppelinJohn Bonham was known for more than his voice-he was a strong drummer, witty and fast in his execution of various beats.

In Moby Dick, he showcased his uncanny ability to feel the sway of the groove. In this song, his beats were fast, thumping and revealing in a number of ways.

3. Ticks and Leeches by Tool

Danny Carey’s approach to drum beating is said to be clean and devoid of any sort of theatrics. The song showcases his ability to play it neatly but outrageously fast at the same time.

4. Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Nirvana-Smells-Like-Teen-SpiritWhen Nirvana went out with David Grohl, the beat was all audiences would hear.

Smells like Teen Spirit was Grohl at his sublime best and it shows what the drum can bring to the otherwise plain world of music.

5. Bat Country by avenged Sevenfold

avenged-SevenfoldThe smacks in the song are phenomenal, and the rhythm is enough to send drumming enthusiasts back a long way in time. The tunes are delicate and the mood set is nostalgic.

Drum beats come and go, but the truly classic ones stand the test of the time and rarely get eclipsed.