Songs with Good Bass Riffs


For most people, the bass riff is almost always never the first thing that comes to mind when listening to music, especially when the song is centered on the guitar.

However, if should they stop and listen keenly, they would realize that the bass riffs are the driving forces behind most popular songs. In fact, some of the most popular rock songs in history begin with quite a number of bass riffs.

If you are a rock lover, you will be surprised to see some of your most favorite tracks on this list as having very obvious and outstanding bass riffs. They include:

1. Orion by Metallica (Cliff Burton)

metallica-orionCliff Burton is considered by many as much the inventor for the bass riff as Jimi Hendrix was for the electric guitar.

Of all Metallica’s songs with killer Bass Riffs, Orion was Cliff’s masterpiece.

The riff in the track features such a great melodic style to bass that even diehard fanatics at first do not realize that it is actually the sound of a bass guitar.

2. Come Together by the Beatles (Paul McCartney)

Come-Together-by-the-BeatlesPaul McCartney outdid himself in the intro and verses to ��Come Together’ by the beetles. His laid-back bass line is set to establish a mood that lasts the entire song.

The baseline which many rappers uses today in their rap records is one of the most celebrated in the history of modern music. I bet you did not realize you have heard it elsewhere!

3. Money by Pink Floyd (Roger Waters)

Money-by-Pink-FloydThe unforgettable bass riff that Roger Waters came up with is the primary driver of Pink Floyd’s classic, Money.

This riff has the rare characteristic of having been composed mostly on a 7/4 time signature. Roger came up with the lyrics and verses completed and the riff was pretty much made to fill up the intro, middle sections as well as the guitar solos.

Other amazing bass riffs worth mentioning include ��Sweet Emotion’ by Aerosmith (Tom Hamilton), ��Fire’ by The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Noel Redding) and ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen and David Bowie (John Deacon).