The Best Funk Bass Lines


Bassists are the backbone of any funk and soul songs because the bass line always rules the dance floor.

It is what makes funk funky and soul soulful. While the guitarists get all the girls, singers get all the interviews and drummers get all the jokes, the bassists make a track rock and bring life to the dance floor.

It is not easy picking out the best Bass Lines because there are so many one is easily spoilt of choice. However, based on popular opinion, here are the top 5 best funk bass lines that have revolutionized the music industry.

Cavern (Liquid Liquid)

Cavern-Liquid-LiquidLiquid Liquid’s Cavern proved just how much a creative artist can do with just two notes. Sampled by Melle Mel and Grandmaster Flash in their 1983 hip hop landmark hit ��White Lines (Don’t Do It’)’, this very memorable bassline was originally incarnated in a moody post-punk masterpiece that dominated the cold New York City clubs as well as graffiti-spattered subway cars around the same time.

This is by far the most recognized bass line that anyone who grew up in the mid-1980s would recognize in a heartbeat.

Stir It Up (Bob Marley & the Wailers)

Stir-It-UpAston Barrett’s iconic bass line tuned with a simple three-chord skank and special swirling synths are what made Stir It Up a hit.

Considered one of the masterclass tracks that played a role in turning Bob Marley into an icon he is, the bassline of this song is a simple yet creative construct that gently bounces under the powerful verses, giving Marley’s potent vocals pace while maintaining a systematic rhythm.

For a track with virtually no percussion, this collabo was a hit largely because of the gorgeousness and melodic riff of the baseline, especially under the chorus and how easily it eases into the intro and out to fade.

Super Freak (Rick James)

Super-FreakBefore Rick James fell to the crack pipe and cocaine, he was a superstar and the Super Freak was his biggest hit. Why was this song such a success? The bass line, of course, sampled by MC Hammer of the ��Can’t Touch This’ fame.

You could listen to this track a whole day and not have enough of the iconic funk bass lines—one of the first to be heard in a hip-hop track. This bass line later made appearance in other amazing tracks including Chic’s “Good Times”George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” and Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” among others.

What makes an amazing funk bass great differs from person to person, but we all agree that there is one riff that commands our attention.

These are some of the perfect bass lines that can either make you listen to the same part of the song for hours or reduce you to tears because they are just amazing.