Tips to consider when buying your first electric guitar.


One mistake that many beginner electric guitar buyers make is to assume that all electric guitars are the same. Before you buy an electric guitar, always ensure that you have identified your taste and preferences to match your desired guitar. If you have a role model electric guitarist, make sure you are aware of the type of guitar they use so that you can get a similar one for the same results.

If not sure on what to look for when buying your first electric guitar, here are some tips to help you.

Try it before you pay for it.

Before you pay for the electric guitar, ensure that you try it out first to know if it meets your taste. Most guitar sellers have amplifiers ready for the customer to have a feel on their guitars. If the seller doesn’t have an amplifier, ask for money back guarantee so that you can return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
vBuy the same brand as your role model.

If your playing is inspired by a particular electric guitar prodigy, ensure that you buy the same brand like them. With a similar guitar, you will be able to model them and with determination, you will get the same results as them. Personally, I buy electric guitars inspired by the gifted guitarist Sungha Jung.

Consider the body style that meets your taste.

best-electric-guitarFor many beginner electric guitar buyers, the body style does not affect the playing experience. Experienced guitar players think differently. The body style of an electric guitar affects the way sounds across different genres. For instance, a solid body guitar goes well with rock n roll, punk, and metal music while hollow body electric guitars are suitable for jazz. Knowing your preferred music genre will help you get the best electric guitar to meet your needs.

Remember that cheap is expensive.

If you happen to come across a very cheap electric guitar, do not rush to buy it. First get the reason as to why they are selling it at such a lower price and before you decide whether to pick it, try it out. Always remember that a simple mistake in the model can cost you the experience of a good guitar.
If you do not know how to play a guitar, ensure that you have someone who knows to help you buy the best electric guitar. Always remember that it is through an intensive exercise that you become a great electric guitarist.