Top 3: Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews – Under $500


Acoustic electric guitars are a great choice for any musician looking to delve into the realm of acoustic guitars and still stay in touch with the electric domain. The greatest up side of these instrument is their versatility and ease of use.

An option to simply plug in rather than having to place classic mics on your guitar for extra sound is really convenient, and thanks to the modern technology, such feature was truly perfected over the years.

Here’s a useful acoustic electric guitar review – under $500 gear only

Well that is actually a valid question. Today’s market offers a vast array of quality instruments at the given price, but also a lot of not-too-good or plain rubbish guitars you ought to steer clear from.

Factors we will consider here, apart from guitars being priced at under $500, are first and foremost sound quality, but also durability and a pinch of design to please the esthetic side.

Check out our top picks for best acoustic electric guitars under $500

– Martin LX1E With Fishman Pickup

LX1E Little Martin Travel Guitar w Fishman - MusicFutures

Also known as the Little Martin, the Martin LX1E is one of the best acoustic guitars on the market, and possibly the best instrument of its niche within the budget friendly department.

The sound quality on this baby is off the charts, hence we had to kick off the list with it.

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The guitar sports a solid sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides, a stratabond neck, a solid east Indian rosewood fretboard with a 23-inch scale and a total of 20 frets. In the electronics department, the instruments features a Fishman Isys T electronics set that guarantees high quality performance. And speaking of which, you might be aware that the Little Martin is available in the purely acoustic version as well, and is once again one of the fines items the market has to offer.

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For a small-body guitar, this thing packs a punch! And not only is the audio output stronger and more powerful than the size initially suggests, but the quality isn’t lagging behind either, not by a long shot. Clarity stands out as a prominent feature, although there is quite a bit of punch present in the output as well.

– Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Shadow Preamp, Natural

Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Shadow Preamp - MusicFutures

Now this classy looking gentleman should be your No. 1 choice if you’re looking for a killer country guitar. Packed with style and grace, it is ideal for country phrasing and fast paced strumming, and yes, it comes with a very affordable price.

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The guitar features a select spruce top, a maple body and maple neck, as well as a rosewood fingerboard to get those fingers running some scales. Also included in the mix is the Epiphone eSonic2 preamp system that ensures that the sound quality remains the same, only stronger when plugged in. On the esthetic side, this is a pretty-looking guitar with some obvious country ornaments.

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The guitar sounds great unplugged, but it’s when you plug it in that this six-string really comes alive. It is easy to get this one buzzing and rattling, which is a nice feature not only for country strumming, but for rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and certain styles of jazz, making the EJ-200CE a versatile instrument.

– Recording King ROS-06-FE3

Recording King ROS-06-FE3 Classic Series 12th Fret 000-Style Acoustic - MusicFutures

Finally, we bring you a Recording King, somewhat of a hidden gem of guitar world, and a very neat guitar.

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The ROS-06-FE3 features a solid sitka spruce top, a mahogany neck, back and sides,  and a rosewood fingerboard. In the electronic department, the six-string sports a Fishman Sonitone EQ Pickup. It also utilizes an ultra-thin neck, making it very playable and comfortable during playing.

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The sound is quite clear and very well-rounded. The sound output can be shaped accordingly to your needs, allowing you to cover a vast array of genres with quality sound, whether we’re talking about rock, blues, country, jazz, or even pop.


If you are in pursuit of an affordable, yet extraordinarily fine sounding guitar for the given price, these three model should have you covered in just about every department.

These acoustic guitars deliver an amazing sound, are durable and easy to maintain, they even look pretty, and they all come with a price tag of under $500. What more can a musician ask?


  1. I’m a country fanatic and the moment I saw that Epiphone and that epic mustache bridge, I simply had to have it. I bought it, and while I use Martin as my primary guitar, I love to jam on this thing from time to time. I also use it whenever I have some video recording parts, it looks great on camera!

  2. Recording King is great, that model is severely underrated.
    I started jamming RKs a few years back and I love the decision I made.
    I know how to recognize a King’s bass fuzz from 10 miles away lolz

  3. I’m all for Martins, sorry but there is no guitar manufacturer in the world that can beat them at the moment.
    I always keep my eyes and mind open about new stuff in guitar world, but Martins are unbeatable right now!